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Hyperemesis gravidarum

I feel like vomiting.... Actually i don't know what to write here... really i don't know. I am so blur nowadays. I can't think straight and i always forget everything else. My mind thinking about my job job... i forgot everything else. To think about it again, i should think about something else. I should think about something more than my work. I want to think more on everything else. Oh my god, my morning today was not so great as it started with a news of a patient passed away the night before. Patient that i clerk and take care for 1 month, plus a few days when i am on call. just to think about it, she passed away just like that. But i feel her pain, she use to say that she is enough with her illness and she said that she is tired. Well, i guess that was because she's anemic. My last encounter with her was because her Hb was 4 something. Then i did not see her again and never will. She died suffocating. Unable to breathe. Reason...could be s


I can't believe i just walk to a mall and 5 minutes later i bought a RM200 pair of shoes. I can't believe i am driving my own car paid by my own sweats. I can't believe that i am talking to patients.. I can't believe i am the one who signs their log book now. I can't believe all of this haha. Still remember the day before that all of this was just a was just a dream. It was a dream no more.

On call review

24 y.o/ male/ single c/o: drowsiness for the last one week. Drowsiness usually started at 6.00 am in the morning and continuously drowsy until 7pm. After 7 pm, claim the drowsiness disaapear for few hours before narcoleptic episode around 10 pm. Currently, patient has not been sleeping since the last 24 hours because he was doing his on call. otherwise, there is no other active complain. No loss of weight, and no loss of appetite. Past medical History - Nil Past Surgical History - Nil Allergic hx - allergic to penicillin and sometimes allergic to certain type of people. Family history - not significant Social history - Work as a house officer in Hospital Likas, work from 6.30 am until 8.00 pm everyday. Work 36 hours during on call. No smoking, no alcohol. Live somewhere around kota kinabalu. O/E: Patient comfortable, appear drowsy, pink, good hydration, exhausted. BP 140/90 PR 92 T Hot and angry because have to attend an emergency case last night in A&E while the person that suppo

I miss my past

Thousands thing that i miss so much.... as my life today does not look like a life actually, always tired, always busy, always tired... so sometimes i just sat and think about what i really miss doing in my past... I really miss going out with Pika to Casa Raya and eat our dinner there while watching the television or just talk on whatever we want to talk about, mostly we talk about whatever we did that day. Update ourselves on each other. Miss that. I really miss going out with Pika every weekend from morning until night, spending our time in shopping mall, window shopping as we did not have money during that day. To think about it, i have money now, but i don't know how to spend it. Because everyday, i just work and if i had a day off i just sleep, eat and window shopping again because i don't know what to buy when i am alone. I really miss going out with Pika watching movie. Almost every movie in the cinema we watched every week. I really miss doing my 4th year medical study

My Convocation 2010

Everybody said that convocation happen once in your life, i am hoping for a second. It is possible that something that only can happen once, can happen twice if you really believe in it. So i believe i can. I believe because my 7 days holiday for my graduation did not work as i planned since a long time ago. It started on the first day of my holiday... Thursday 7th October 2010 I woke up as easrly as 7.15 am. i woke up at 10 am usually during my off day but not today. I have a plan. The plan was to meet a few of my friend who is having graduation with me and together we will go together to our university to settle everything before our convo start on 9th of october. I still remember that day was the most happiest day in my life since i start working as a house officer. I woke up with a smile in my face. I shower with a smile in my face. I drive to McDonald Jalan Sulaman with a smile in my face. I can even hear a music playing in my brain. So happy. I met my friend in McDonald, we had b

I miss Raya...again

1. It happen last friday. I was post call. I am so tired walking out from the ICU ( the place where my own call was), and to my surprise that there is a lost of stall and decoration along the corridor to my ward where i supposed to work that day. It was Sambutan Hari Raya for our hospital. 2. I was so happy looking at everyone there wearing traditional baju melayu and baju kurung, cookies everywhere, there is the smell of curry and Peanut sauce, rendang..and the best thing is, there is music playing Hari raya song. I feel like Raya again. 3. I quickly went into my ward and review my patient quickly as i was informed that the celebration will begin at 10 am. Our ward round start at 9. It was slow..damn slow. I want to go to that ceremony at 10. Well,, we did get lucky. At 9.30, our specialist told us to do whatever we want first as she was teaching the MO about master exam short case. I was running with few other colleague to the corridor where the ceremony should be. A lot of people th

On Call Review

Who like on call on saturday? No one. It was too long. On call on weekend or public holiday means you will be working at 8.00 am till 8.00 am without the primary team supporting you. My on call last night was... err...tiring. But luckily my on call team was so damn cool. There are 3 of us keeping the Patient admission centre tight and steady. Our MO on call also super cool. So last night on call was cool. Haha. But you know, work never stop during on call. I feel like i am giving up in the middle of my on call day but i try to hold on and i made it. So relieved. I wonder why people choose to go to hospital at 2-3 am in the morning while you can actually wait until 7 or 8 am. Most patient who come will be admitted to ward and will be kept for observation for maybe 1-2 days meaning that they can come later mah. haha... i was very tired clerking patient non stop for 24 hours. Yesterday, i never took my lunch, and never took my dinner. I was very hungry until at some point i feel like coll

Like a Diary

Oh well. my blog post seem to become like a diary nowadays. I hate it. But i dun have anything else to talk about so that is why my post was all rubbish talking about how hard my life is nowadays. Well, it seem that i can cope with it for a little now so i did enjoy my work now. Especially today because it's raya day. Haha. Holiday for me. For the first time i did not went back to my hometown during raya. Not because i don't have holiday but i am too tired to go back as it will take me half day of traveling time to go back. If my salary already out i will go back with flight but fyi, i haven't received a single cent from the goverment after working very hard for them for almost 2 months now. So today is Hari Raya and i am eating mc donald for breakfast. What a life. Hmm.... so boring alone in my house. oh, so boring.

The job will never finish isn't it

Finally i get a sunday off this week after 2 consecutive sunday which i spend 36 hours on call. It was so nice. I woke up at 11 and i don't have anything to do. It is kind of boring but still it is the thing that i've missed so much, the boringness. Working as a house officer, even though i am new, is so exhilarating. As my colleague Shantene mention to me yesterday when i pass a case to her. "the job will never finish isn't it" she said to me. I am supposed to do my work from 6.30 am until 5pm during holiday including public holiday but yesterday until 5 pm the work did not finish. Just as i thought it is, the nurse keep coming to me and bring me another problem with another patient. Sometimes, i just want to say "Please, be healthy, don't get another problem on top of your current problem". Blood pressure is my number one enemy. You know why? Because in ONG, if someone came with normal pregnancy you wait, when someone came with fever, you treat, bu

Too Phat VS Eminem

Well, i have to make this post, to express myself to the turnover of the music industry. If anyone still remember that there is once when Hip Hop is the main music stream in this world. I remember at that time, if you look to the the west you will hear Eminem spitting his powerful lyrics. When you look to our local music scene, Too Phat was there catching every youth interest in this country. 10 years after, today, both Eminem and Too phat still vibrating in music industry. Listening to both, i start to realize that i am listening to two biggest name in Hip Hop. Eminem as the king of hip hop currently, and not to forget Too Phat has establish their empire here in Asian music culture, and i can say that it is not overreacted if i call Too Phat the King of hip hop in south east asia. The thing is, i realize that Malique ( too phat recently broke into Malique and Joe flizzow going to their seperate way of music but still maintaing the status of Too Phat), has created a quite different tu

Daily Schedule

When i think about it, i have this very small and limited daily schedule. Even narrower than before when i was in my holiday. 1. I woke up at 0530 and drive to Hospital at 0600. Arrive at hospital at 0620. Start my morning review at 6.30. Finish it at 8.00. 2. at 8.00 i will went to morning prayer (morning assembly). At 9.00 the round will start. It will last until 11.30 to 12.30. Then we will do discharges up until 1400. Then immediately we start doing our PM review and at 1500, the round will start again. 3. Round will finish at 1700. Then we will do discharges again up until 1830. Then i will go break my fast. At 1900, i will start doing night review, At 2000, hopefully my review done. I will go back. 4. Tapau some food and usually i reached my home at 2100/ Take my shower, then... around 2130..i will go t sleep and everything start again and again, 24/7. zzzzzz


1. Things going a little bit better after you off tagging and start on call. I've been on call 4 times and 2 more on call for this month. On call is the worse thing for a house officer i guess. Everyone does not want to go on call. For RM100 per night, you have to endure the suffering of doing work alone at night, make your decision and stay awake for 36 hours. It is not worth it. 2. Now that i already on call, i learn a little on how the system work. 3. Sometimes we manage our patient not by brain but by spinal cord. Sometimes when i was awake for 36 hours after on call, my hand is writing my PM review but my brain is sleeping. The next day when i go and see my yesterday PM review, i am wondering...did i wrote this yesterday..?

I am...

I did not update my facebook page since weeks ago. Almost everyone wondering where i am now. I am sorry as don't hae time to do anything right now except working everyday.   To tell everyone out there, i am posted in ONG in Hospital Wanita Dan Kanak-kanak likas. Life never been busier as this. Everyday i woke up at 5.20, take a shower and prepare everything before driving to Hospital and i need to reach the hospital before 6.30 am. After that, life is work and work and work only.   For the first time in  my life that i did skip breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for the first time in my life that i have to eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner at 12 midnight.   I can only leave the hospital after a non stop working at 11 PM/ After that, i will buy something to eat and then get home at around 11.30 PM-12 AM and eat my dinner or just go to sleep.   Even last night i eat only half of my dinner because i am too tired to eat.   Life as a house officer is tough like everyone said b

Start working....

1. This picture is taken after my induction program has ended. So happy yet so nervous to whatever will happen after this. End of my induction means i can start working as a provisional doctor officially. 2. Hmm...induction course was nice... you know, i think if i did not go for induction course i will not be ready to work in goverment sector. I acquired a lot of new information regarding my work eg: regarding salary, allowance, my role, leave, and how to proceed for further study to become specialist. 3. Biro Tata Negara course is completely different from induction. Hm...don't want to talk about it but seriously, i dun like it much. I love my country and i love to learn history of my country, but you know...sometimes..history can be subjective. That should not happen. However, what to say. 4. Did i enjoy my 5 days course in Klang for Induction and BTN? Well, as a whole, no. But if i think about it again, it was fun though. You know, living in a business class hotel, fine dining,

We are Unique

Klang - I am in my induction course right now. It was kind of boring because i was stuck here in Puteri Garden Hotel, Klang. I never been to Klang before. In fact, i seldom went to peninsular Malaysia. 2. Yesterday, because of so boring staying in the hotel ( the whole day we listen to talk by various people regarding our role in goverment and everything else), and we have a few hours of rest before dinner served, so me and my roomate (yes, my roomate in UMS happen to be my roomate here also) talk a walk around the hotel. 3. To my surprise, when we were walking around, i feel so unique because everyone else around me are indians. Indian silk shop, indian restaurant, indian textile shop, and even the pedestrian, and most of the people driving in the street are indian. 4. I never had an encounter like this before. In place where i came from, there are no such places which is specific to one race only. Everywhere is kind of mixed. 5. It was a new experience for me. I was fascinate by thi

House officer

UPDATE- HOTEL PUTERI GARDEN, KLANG. Finally i received my posting letter. I'm posted to Hospital Queen Elizabeth. Ready to report for duty next week.

3 days to Induksi 2010

1. So dizzy thinking on how my life really mess up now. Things are so complicated. 2. Here is what i anticipate to happen in front of me within this few weeks.... first i go to induction, then came back to Labuan at 10th of July, then ready to go to wherever they posted me and start working at 12th of july. Without any preparation.... i have to start working. I don't even know where will i be posted yet until today. 3. What about house? Where should i stay? My car? How to bring my car there? Where is there? 4. Im so confueed.

3 days to Induksi 2010

1. Well, after around 2 months staying at home..hmmm..yeah exactly 2 months for me, now i've been called to induction course in Klang. 2. Everything planned. 3. Feel kind of lazy to go start back doing some activity that people told you to do so. For this 2 moths, my activity is doing whatever i wanted to do without anyone else telling. Boss for myself for 2 months. 4. As usual, feel nervous for it. Mostly not nervous for the induction course but the life after it. The life when i will start working as a house officer. For 5 years, i've been told that HO life is the worse life an occupation can offer. None other job worse like this 2 years period of time. 5. I doubt that (have to). Maybe i will feel enjoy or whatever. Maybe i will perceived it differently. Like when i start my medical study, everyone said that medical study have no life or whatever, yes, that is true, but still i enjoy it. Now i even miss that 5 years of medical study in UMS. so fun. 6. Praying to god to make e

Labuan Med Check --> induction

LABUAN- Just yesterday i went to Klinik Kesihatan Labuan and was disappointed by them regarding my medical check up form. I received letter from SPA a day before that and there is medical check up form inside. So as other people would normally did, i went to Klinik Kesihatan to do that medical check up. When i went to Klinik Kesihatan Labuan, i have to take number and wait for my turn. After that, my number was called and i went to the counter and tell them my intention to get a medical check up for SPA. They said " you cannot do this med check up not until you receive letter that tell you where you will be working later. If we do this check up, we need about 2-3 weeks to process and if you are posted to other state then it will be difficult. You can do it in the state where you are posted later." I was like...confused. Then what should i do? They asked me to meet their superior and the same thing was said by their superior. I asked him " What if i was called to report

On the Verge of becoming a doctor

1. I am waiting for my letter from SPA to appoint me as a doctor and also letter from MMC to give me the license of becoming a doctor. Both not arrive yet. I don't know what to say.

Labuan Fever

1. Labuan is a very hot island. Everyone that has been to labuan know about this. If you never been to labuan, you can try once. If you hate dark skin, labuan is not a place for you. 2. In other places (most of them), when you are not exposed directly to the sunlight, you will not get a darker skin but here in Labuan, even you stay at home or under the shed, you will still become darker. Just with the indirect sunlight, you will feel how hot this island is. If you exposed yourself directly under the sunlight, you will get sun burn. Surely. 3. Inside my house now, the temperature is 36 degree celcius. It is almost equal to your core body temperature. I doubt the temperature outside the house under the sunlight is lower than this. 4. Why is it so hot nowadays? Is Global Warming real? Can we do something about it? 5. The only way to avoid this hot condition is to use air-cond. The environmental friendly aircond of course. That is why almost every household in labuan have at least one airc

Paha Paha

1. This is a type of leave that grow from a bunch of tree called Paha Paha around my house. Obviously for me and most Brunei tribe of people in Labuan ( or can i say all labuanite) know about this leaves. It was classified as vegetables by most people who knew about it. Still, it does not look like one and the tree look like hibiscus tree and can grow up to 4 metres tall. Only the young leaves is edible. 2. It does look like a normal type of leaves but beware, it was a delicacy. Its taste superior to other vegetables you ever eat. It is sweet and have this king of natural MSG inside it. Just boil it with anything or stir fry it with nothing else, you will taste the most delicious vegetable ever in your life. 3. It was not so rare and it grow almost anywhere. But as it seem that people never realize that this leaves is edible that is why not many people have the chance to taste this leave. Once there was a restaurant in Labuan who specially bring this leaves into their menu. But, i gues

CSL Phone ?

1. Not many know about this brand called CSL. It is claimed to be the first Malaysian brand Handphone. However, i learned that the part for this mobile phone was imported from China. They assemble it in Malaysia though. So not so strong enough to claim this as a Malaysian Phone. It should be called hybrid or something. 2. So when i bought my phone almost 2 years ago, this brand was all new. So no one had a good review on it. I was taking a risk to buy it. The reason is because this phone is cheap and look exactly like those branded phone. It was like a clone phone from other brand such as nokia. 3. So, after 2 years, if someone ask me whether it is good or not? I would say don't buy it for the moment. This phone main problem is the software it is not that user friendly type. But that does not matter for a guy that can think a little complicated than user-friendly. 4. The main drawback is the battery life. The battery will only last for a few hours after maybe 2-3 months. So this is

Roti canai

1. What is the most common breakfast in Malaysia? None other than Roti Canai with a glass of sweet Teh Tarik. 2. It does not matter which state you came from, when ask about it, everyone seem to be familiar with it. Another interesting fact about it is that everyone seem to have this roti canai outside. Rarely you heard that someone is enjoying homemade roti canai or eat roti canai at home. Everyone must eat it outside. 3. I am not sure but they said that this delicacies originated from India, brought by Indian immigrant to Malaysia but it seem that we cannot find this food in India. It can be only enjoyed here in Malaysia and Singapore i think and Brunei also. Thus, this is Malaysian food. Now it made not only by indian but also malay, chinese and of you are in Sabah, it was made by 30+ different tribe here in malaysia and even non-malaysian in Sabah (illegal immigrant) can made this simple and delicious breakfast. 4. This roti canai is similar to roti paratha i think because if you f


Today, 72 million children in the world are denied the chance to go to school. These children could be our next generation’s leaders, sports stars, doctors and teachers. But they face a lifelong struggle against poverty. It doesn’t have to be this way. Since 2000, 40 million more children are in school. Education beats poverty – and gives people the tools to help themselves. 1GOAL is a campaign seizing the power of football to ensure that education for all is a lasting impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Raising our voices all over the world we believe that, together, we can make education a reality for the millions of boys and girls who remain out of school. “This is our chance to show not just out-of-school children, but our own children, that when we make a promise, we keep it. With your help, we could have billions of fans cheering not just for their teams, but for one team: 1GOAL. This is our moment to shine; we can bring millions of children in from the shadows of ignoranc

Eminem's Recovery : Album Review

1. Slim shady is back. After a year of waiting, i finally has a chance to listen to his sequel of the previous Relapse album that was released on 2009. Some people say that this is the most anticipated hip hop album of the year. After a year of announcement on its released, finally the album is here. 2. When i hear his previous Relapse album, i was a little disappointed since the flow and Eminem's style totally change and sound a little rubbish and boring, so i hope Recovery won't follow the step of Relapse. 3. Luckily, it does not. This new album reveal a brand new style of Eminem fused with his old angry lyrical style, honest, but he is much better controlled than last year. No more song for dissing a lot of pop celebrity or many call it as " Please stand up song". All the song in this album is much more honest than before. What is good about this album? 4. The good thing about the album is, the lyrics is much stronger than before, and the way Em deliver it is much

Swarm of Bee in World Cup

1. I've been wondering since the 2010 World Cup started a few days ago, what is that buzzing sound? It sound like a swarm of bee that live under our home sink in the kitchen. 2. My mother always complaining about the sound and told us to lower down the volume so that the buzzing sound cannot be heard, but of course, we can't hear anything in the TV if we lower down the volume so that the buzzing sound disappear. 3. . So i had enough of wondering today so i look in the internet and i found out that the buzzing sound was produce by an instrument called Vuvuzela. 4. Oh, ouch, i thought that sound is produce by a swarm of bee. My father (on the first day of World Cup 2010) said that the sound was intentionally created as a theme for this year world cup. I guess it is not since lot of people are protesting about the sound, most of them who are in South Africa right now. 5. Imagine you are in that stadium with that loud buzzing sound...oh you will become deaf in a month. 6. Vuvuzela,

Stop HIV

And the number is increasing every year. 87000 in 27 years. IF we did not open our mind to stop this, there will be much more HIV infection later in the future. \ I believe that the number will be higher. There will be more than 128 000, if we did not do anything about it. Thus we determine the future. We determine the figure. Every life is precious to us and we don't want any more people die because of this disease. It is a preventable disease. It can be stopped. There could be people with HIV all around you, you should protect yourselves, you should increase awareness of the people around you, live a healthy life, can tested. Young people is affected more thus education is the most single important thing to prevent the spread of the disease. Aids did not kill own its own, it's weaken our immune system or body defense system against other infection making you cannot fight any infection own your own. Even a non life threatening infection can be deadly in AIDS patient. The one w

Twilight ; Real good, good, or not good at all?

1. I've watched Twilight. Both of 'em. I did not read the book though, but i guess it is an ok story. 2. From my perspective, the story of twilight is like a love version of underworld. A story about vampire..well, i don't like vampire that much. And...nothing more than that. It is a typical love story franchise, and i can say it is the biggest love story franchise there is in the world today. 3. However, from my own research which include not a significant number of candidate but still, i believe most of other additional candidate will answer the same thing..... that twilight strongest value is the male character, the sexiness of the male inside the movie. 4. Twilight is really clever, who ever make twilight should be call a clever person since as we know, if you can attract girls in the world, you will conquer the world and you can neglect the insignificant number of boys, men, and old people no matter what gender they are. 5. If i myself want to go watch that movie's


. Something funny happen today. A few people in my village are searching for some lizard called anggak ( in my brunei language). They say that this lizard cost up to Rm30 000 in the market. What funny about this is that this lizard used to live in our house a few years ago, not one, but many of them live. 2. It was maybe more than 10 years ago. During that time, tormal house lizard was eaten by this big lizard. It was scary. I used to be scared by this kind of lizard and if i saw it ( i was a child at that time), i will run away and shout..."ahh...anggak...." then start to call my dad to throw it away. 3. After a quite some time, those lizard start to disappear from our house. Some of them were eaten by our cats. We used to throw them away because it was not nice when you sit in your living room, and one of the big lizard start to crawl on your ceiling. Not nice to see. Thus, today, i never see them again. I wonder why. And i almost forgot their name...anggak. 4. Now people s

5 years blogging

1. It has been 5 years + since i start writing a blog. 10th of February 2006 is my first time writing in a blog and now almost 5 years, i still do. 2. No reason for me to keep my blog alive because i am not chasing for publicity, money, fame, or anything else. I just keep it because of my passion on writing and sharing something with everyone. Although, i will not share more than what i should, and most of my entry is not about my personal life but more on to my personal opinion. 3. I want to make this blog simple, for everyone to look at it, and read it if they want and just that. In my opinion, a rubbish talk i put in my blog could be informative for anyone else. So why not. I myself always searching for a blog for any new update and something that cannot be provided by the any web site. For example, if you want to know about the best place to eat or visit, stop googling into the tourism web site and etc (you can, and you should), but try searching in blogsearch or any blog search en

Teacher's Day

1. Recently we celebrated teacher's day. In my hometown Labuan, the official celebation would be held tomorrow. Well, happy teacher's day to all. Everyone is appreciating the hardwork of teachers all over the malaysia. 2. I'm thinking that there is some teacher who did not really received that much appreciation. Lecturer and Professor. When we talk about teacher, we would solely, usually, refer to teacher who teach student in primary and secondary school. But what about those in higher learning institution? 3. Once my friend ask me, let us wish our lecturer happy teacher's day, and i was err..stuck, and said " what should we say? Happy teacher's day or happy prof day or happy lecturer day?" and she said " those are teacher too, just their title is different". Well, correct. 4. This group of people never nominated for best teacher award, or whatever that equals to it even though they are one of them. I wonder why, 5. So, i believe that I should sa

AC Adapter for Acer

1. So i have this one problem with my Acer Aspire 5500 series laptop. It always turn off when i am in the middle of doing something. The reason? Vague. I don't know whether it came from the too hot CPU or it came from dysfunctional power adapter. 2. For my first theory, the cpu overheating theory. I start to think about it because since i changed my hard disk a few years ago because of overheating issues, i never heard that sound of cpu fan gush of air anymore like the first time i bough this laptop. Before, when i use my laptop for maybe 1 hour, i can hear the fan started to turn a little more loud indicating that it is trying hard to push hot air outside. Now i don't hear that one anymore. But, i do bought a external fan, the one you put beneath the laptop and it is working fine for me. Theoretically it served the same function as CPU fan, just pushing the hot air outside. Air conduction is a superior technique to remove excess heat. 3. Another theory, about the ada

Eminem Not Afraid

. 1. Thanks god that there has been a news and a date for Eminem up coming new album. I have been waiting for this album since last year relapse released. They say there will be relapse 2 so i waited patiently..and what the heck, it almost a year before it is release. 2. But never mind. I did not need to tell again about my interest in Eminem's songs. The powerful lyrics and arranged music and song make everyone listen to Hip Hop again. 3. So, now there is a new single called Not afraid and it already debut at no.1 in billboard chart. So, this is a good news for the upcoming new album called Recovery (relapse 2 name already dropped by Eminem) 4. Regarding the new single, well, it is better than any other song in relapse and i loved the bridge in this song call Not Afraid. It was so different compare to the old Eminem song style yet it have that freshness of the old time Eminem. 5. I am anticipating the Recovery album by eminem. I want to buy it as soon as possible. 6. So, let us al

Holiday talk

1. Wa... I am so boring for this holiday. Nothing to do at home. Just sitting around watching Thomas and Uber Cup everyday in front of the TV, if i am not online. 2. If online, i don't know what to surf anymore? Reading google news is my routine every morning, and at night, log in to my facebook and just hang around staring at status update. 3. Other than this, i have Here's Ohara book. I don't know what the book is all about. All i know it contain a lot of short story which i found so hard to understand. 4. I love cooking, so i plan to cook during my holiday session but in the end, i end up waiting for meal cook by my mother. So lazy to go to kitchen. 5. Playing my cats is a routine. Everyday i hug, play, chase them. It always fun. Sometime they made me irritated because they sometimes hate to be touch by me. 6. Oh my god, this is all i have to talk about my holiday activity. So pity. I do not know what to do anymore.

Labuan and The Water Issue

1. I am back in Labuan, and yes, the problem that started when I was 11 years old (now i am 24 years old) still there and no sign of it going to be resolved. NO WATER IN LABUAN! 2. Have you ever been studying in Labuan Matriculation college or University Malaysia Sabah cause if you do, you will experience this problem and you will know it better like us, the labuanites. If you are a tourist, then this should not be a problem as water for tourist or maybe bussiness sector, industrial area is not affected by this problem. 3. I want to tell everyone that my house has not get a single drop of water for almost a month now. Before this, we will have water (with low pressure) for maybe 2 days a week. We have 4 water tank now to make sure we keep enough water to survive. 4. Water is a basic thing for all living thing in this world. We are too living thing. In an island like this, i do not expect people to find water from underground sources, river or etc. We are surrounded by salted water, th

Iron Man Second

Tonight, I am watching Iron Man 2 for the second time. The first time i did not wait until the part where they give a hint about Thor. Well, next movie should be Thor included? But i prefer Iron Man with Incredible Hulk. I believe the last time i watched Incredible Hulk 2, there was Tony Stark at the end of the film. Maybe it will be better if the two superheroes combined. I think this is it for my movie era in Kota Kinabalu. I am going back to Labuan, and maybe after 2-3 months, i will be back here in Kota Kinabalu, hopefully, to work. Maybe that time i will continue on watching every movie on the list. But it will not be the same again. Not without my girlfriend. Hmm............................................. By the way, I am 24 year old right now and I hate so much if other people are so nosy and busy body about my life as i guess, would they feel very comfortable if someone talk about their life and interfere with their life as they were 8 years old? Like " oh, 8 years old b

When In Rome

Okay. I will write a short note on my opinion about this movie. Overall, it is a watchable movie. If you don't have any more movie to watch, like me, so you could get a ticket and watch this one. And make sure you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend with you because if you did not, you will look so pathetic and desperate. This movie is enjoyable, however, toward the middle part of the story, it became a little confusing and childish. From a valentine movie, it turn to become a disney movie for 4 years old girls. However, still it has its own attraction such as comedy, more comedy, comedy again and some fantasy. I don't really like the movie but i enjoy it. The plot was a little poor, the original idea seem not really original, the character is unclear, and sometimes it is hard to get the jokes. I gave 3 out of 5 stars for this movie. Most of the stars are given due to fun comedy and jokes, cute heroin ( i mean cute like a child, she is not supposed to take the character of an

Movies Review (April 2010)

I love mixed Movie review. haha. I've been watching many movies ever since i pass the professional exam. I am very glad and so exciting. For the first time i watched movies without thinking of book and patient. Huhu. So, this is all the movie i have for the last one week. 1. Iron Man 2 I am going to start with this one. I must start with this one. This is a very nice and fine movie to watch and it is worth it. Ever since avatar released, we don't see much action pack movie that make our adrenal gland secrete a lot of adrenaline for almost 2 hours. The plot was strong and the action was smooth. Too nice to describe. Plus, I love the character, a superhero which is not hiding his identity and he was also a bad ass cool guy. Same as the first movie, there is nothing additional regarding the iron suit, no super duper extra weapon but still, i love it. Simple, tight, and so cool. I really recommend this movie to everyone who love non stop action, bomb, technology and pretty girl. Th