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Movie Review : Adnan Sempit

1. Two greatest movie i ever saw, a few months ago i would say Transformer but i could not deny despite many crititcs that Avatar was a great movie after all. It is the only movie that i can afford to bring my girlfriend to watch twice. Other movie... it would be a waste she said but Avatar was specifically requested to be watched twice. haha. 2. But I'm talking about Malay film review right now so for Malay Movie, the best that i ever saw, now i would say.... hmm...still Papadom. This is rather a weird introduction. The reason is, i do not want to make a review regarding this movie called Adnan Sempit but eventually i was attracted to give my opinion when i saw the highlight stating that this is new box office record in Malaysia. I am not shocked but i will still choose Papadom as the best if they ask me to choose. Adnan Sempit 3. This movie for me is only a simple movie, simple story line, stereotype of Malaysian movie, and there is nothing too interesting about the plot.


Wikipedia is the most famous online and free to edit encyclopedia in the net. I don't know how much but i would totally sure that 99% if not 100% of internet user would browse and read something they want in Wikipedia. There is a lot of negative critics to Wikipedia because of their open policy where everyone can review and edit the content of information store in it. I also will not use Wikipedia as a main references for my report or anything not because i fear the information is wrong but fear that my worked will not be credited because of it. The funny thing is, Wikipedia did help me much. I love surfing inside it and read whatever words that i can search in it. And sometimes, i did use wikipedia for my medical assigment as a key, as you know there is a lot of references inside an article in wikipedia so just follow that link and you will somehow found what you want. Another great thing about Wikipedia is, it is simple and easy to understand and straight to the point.

UMS admin

1. This is my final year in UMS. And i have heard so many bad thing about UMS administration since i was in first year. Delayed scholarship, loan, result problem seem to be the norm for every year i have been through in UMS. 2. Some so call patriotism of UMS and junior student might be so anxious in defending UMS as they would say that we should protect and be proud of the place where we gather our knowledge. I have different perspective regarding this matter. 3. I am so proud of being a Universiti Malaysia Sabah's student. In fact, i love the environment here in UMS. More green tree and less racism ( however, more and more racist are applying into this university i don't know why). In term of academic, i would absolutely agree that it is competent with other university in Malaysia. In term of accommodation and transport, there is quite a few complain regarding the transportation but still manageable comfortable. At least no one stuck in lecture hall for days because there i


Consumers should accept sugar price hike positively by consuming less sugar, said Consumer Affairs, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. "To lead a healthy lifestyle, we need only seven spoons of sugar a day in our drinks and food, according the Health Ministry," he (Dato Seri Ismail Sabri)  told reporters after launching a campaign to encourage Malaysians to take less sugar and Koperasi Bela Rakyat (Kobera) here Saturday. - Bernama   I still not agree regarding this thing. This is the second time i heard people saying this kind of sentences. I've mention before that if the sugar price hike, those vendors and restaurant would not gave discount for every cup of their coffee and tea even we specifically asked for 'Kurang gula'. The disadvantages is for people like me, student, who live in hostel and we don't have a chance either to drink plain water cooked from the pipe, or buy drink from outside. And what a pain if later someo


I have been talking so much on the current issue on Muslim and Christians clashes in my country. For a few weeks I am walking so far in one direction and never look at the others. I am firm on my stand that I do not support on the ban of the word 'Allah' by the Catholics yet I also stand firm that the Catholics should not blame the Muslim for what a few of them did ( attacking church). With both side clashing and arguing each other, no one will win and more damage will be inflicted. The only way to solve this matter is to accept each other. To love each other, and to make friend with each other. It was so wrong for a person to walk and look at the Christian as a Muslim or walk as a Christian and look at the Muslim. For someone to walk humbly, they must look at each other as human. Human who work hard to live in temporarily in this world and to meet their God later after life. One must not ever look at other as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddha, but they must look at each other

Treatment: Friendship

I was having a group outing few days ago celebrating our end of Medical posting. We are having a nice supper at Secret Recipe restaurant, and we are having a very fun karaoke after that. It was a normal thing to do when we finish our posting. What I want to highlight here is regarding who are they in our group. There are Chinese, Malay, Indian, Dusun, Malay brunei, the point is we are multiracial. Even though, we all having a great time together. And I can tell you that not all of us are from Sabah, most of us from Peninsular Malaysia. As the problem regarding the use of ‘Allah’ and church burning are getting hotter in the news, we seem not to bother about it. Why is that? Are this because we are staying in Sabah where we don’t give a damn about every issue they brought up in Peninsular? Are we ignorance? Are we pretending? Are we really what they call 1malaysia? The answer is, we are all friends. As friendship would not be shaked by some issue such as “who would or not would not u

What are they? (The difference)

' They burn churches...! So stupid... even i am a muslim, i won't do such thing. This is malay...typical malay, do first, think last. But i am also a malay, still i won't do such thing..what are they? ' This is my first thought when i heard that people are burning churches. I was shock and this reaction is a reflex from my sane brain. It was terrible and humiliating. I believe those people should not be let to live because even though you are angry of someone, you would not burn their praying place. It was uncivilized. I am very honest that this action of burning churches is not appropriate and should not happen. But it does happen. Hopefully those who did this can be caught and bring to justice. However, at the same time, I start to realize that some people are taking advantages of this issues to start a war. Everywhere, people start to classify Muslim and Malay as 'stupid, useless, going to hell, muslim is terrorist' and many lot of things. I am being in a

What are they?

They burn churches...! So stupid... even i am a muslim, i won't do such thing. This is malay...typical malay, do first, think last. But i am also a malay, still i won't do such thing..what are they?

No hate on Love

1. I 'm fed up with all the narrow minded muslim who only believed that this world is created only for them and they should not ever let other religion exist. Ask them, if this world only have muslim, would it be better? And all of them would answer yes! 2. I am not that religious but i know where i stand. And for me, God will never created this world with so many tribes, different religion, and different colour to hate each other but to make us understand and learn about others. This statement is not merely came from my mind but it came from Koran. Anyone aware of it? 3. History of religion always fascinate me because i could not follow and belief a thing that i do not know how it started. If my religion started by a crazy person, i would not follow it. So it essential to know. And it is also essential to know the history of other religion. Because if you read the history book, almost no religion suddenly appear in this world without correlation with others. Except maybe those r

Let's talk about money

1. Okay, i will talk about money and i would forget every other nonsense issues happening in Malaysia. 2. This semester, PTPTN delayed again. Causes? Easy, for UMS student, it was a routine when people don't make their work as schedule or some error in the system. It is common. So delayed PTPTN again this semester. 3. I went to HEP UMS just want to ask regarding my status of loan money (PTPTN) but i was told to go to another new department that manage this kind of problem. department means better services. So i went to that department as told. 4. Then i asked about why my money has not debited yet into my account and the girl working there said that there is error in system. Hmm..ok. She also told me to wait for it. Well, i will wait. I try to explain that my school result is not correlate with the online data that UMS had. Example, look at my SMP data in UMS portal, my result for this five years of study.. my CGP is only 1.97 something. For other courses, this result c

Apa tahap Pendidikan Ahli Politik?

1. Artikel kali ni ditulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia kerana saya risau ada orang yang tidak faham tentang apa yang saya ingin katakan di sini. 2. Ketika membuka radio pada waktu pagi tadi, saya mendengar berita yang sedang disiarkan berkenaan isu kenaikan harga gula. 3. Kandungan berita itu adalah seperti berikut: " (seorang ahli politik di Sabah) berkata bahawa kenaikan harga gula tidak akan menyebabkan kenaikan harga makanan di pasaran dan haruslah dipandang secara positif. Dengan kenaikan harga gula ini dapat membantu rakyat Malaysia untuk mengurangkan pengambilan gula dalam makanan dan boleh mengelakkan penyakit diabetes. Kajian klinikal telah menunjukkan bahawa masalah diabetes semakin meningkat di Malaysia dan ianya boleh membawa risiko penyakit jantung dan lain lain penyakit...." Beginilah kandungan berita itu. 4. Apa yang tidak kena disini adalah, tentang pencegahan diabetes dengan kenaikan harga gula. untuk pengetahuan semua, kenaikan harga gula tidak akan langsung

The word 'Allah'

1. The issue of using Allah word by the catholic is getting hotter and hotter day by day. I'm afraid, in the end, Muslim and Catholic would not live in the same place as harmony as before. This is because we, the muslim, does not think enough when it came to religion. The spirit of us to win and not to give in that bring Islam to the pit of darkness everyday. 2. I am not that religious and knowledgeable to discuss this matter but what i do understand is, Muslim should not react the way they are doing right now. Shouting Allahuakbar like they are going to kill all christian and doing demonstration in the street and trying to push a war to other religion. When the word 'Allah' were ban for the catholic, they are criticizing it and bring it to the legal system to determine on which party would win. 3. Contrast to what Muslim are doing, they are trying to start a war rather than thinking about it first. Everyone is shouting there and here regarding the purity of Islam and how

Do they teach Nurse?

This is a story happen to be in Hospital Likas that use to be a specialized hospital for women and children. It happen in rehabilitation room for cerebral palsy patient. A group of medical student was in that room as usual learning from observation when suddenly a patient was having a seizure. Concerning about that patient, students had to tell the nurse in charge regarding the problem. Nurse: Is your child usually have something like this (seizure)? Patient's mom: Just sometimes. Nurse: Do you have medication for seizure? Patient's Mom: No. This only happen occasionally. Maybe too many medical student around here that is why my child become like this. Nurse: Do you tell doctors regarding this problem? Patient's Mom: No lah. This only happen sometimes. Not always. Maybe because too many medical student here. Nurse: Yes. maybe there is too many students here. I think you should bring your child to somewhere where there is no people around, maybe after that he will r