Let's talk about money

1. Okay, i will talk about money and i would forget every other nonsense issues happening in Malaysia.

2. This semester, PTPTN delayed again. Causes? Easy, for UMS student, it was a routine when people don't make their work as schedule or some error in the system. It is common. So delayed PTPTN again this semester.

3. I went to HEP UMS just want to ask regarding my status of loan money (PTPTN) but i was told to go to another new department that manage this kind of problem. Wa..new department means better services. So i went to that department as told.

4. Then i asked about why my money has not debited yet into my account and the girl working there said that there is error in system. Hmm..ok. She also told me to wait for it. Well, i will wait. I try to explain that my school result is not correlate with the online data that UMS had. Example, look at my SMP data in UMS portal, my result for this five years of study.. my CGP is only 1.97 something. For other courses, this result can expelled you from University.

5. My school have their own system as we don't follow semester course like every other course did. We have posting system. Every 2 months we have one posting and this will continue until we finish our study. This at least applied for only clinical years of medical study.

6. So i guss if SMP data error...hmm.. does not matter. Just wait. I believe that there are people working for this. haha.

7. I just hope that my money come quick. Why? Because as i said before, we don't have semester study, meaning that we don't have holiday like everyone did. So when PTPTN gave money for every semester. we need to budget it until other courses holiday. We need more money than other people.

8. Why i don't take JPA. I already discuss this before. huhu... I'm firm with my decision.


  1. my PTPTN got delayed for 2 sems.... very bad ler... :) suffered a lot during that moment...


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