No hate on Love

1. I 'm fed up with all the narrow minded muslim who only believed that this world is created only for them and they should not ever let other religion exist. Ask them, if this world only have muslim, would it be better? And all of them would answer yes!

2. I am not that religious but i know where i stand. And for me, God will never created this world with so many tribes, different religion, and different colour to hate each other but to make us understand and learn about others. This statement is not merely came from my mind but it came from Koran. Anyone aware of it?

3. History of religion always fascinate me because i could not follow and belief a thing that i do not know how it started. If my religion started by a crazy person, i would not follow it. So it essential to know. And it is also essential to know the history of other religion. Because if you read the history book, almost no religion suddenly appear in this world without correlation with others. Except maybe those religion started by Star Wars movie and ayah pin. Haha/

4. Ok. I have so many friends that do not have the same belief and religion with me. And for 23 years of my life, i never think of any difference between us. In fact, my old time best friend is also a christian. I never think of any difference between us that make us need to seperate and never be friends again.

5. But day by day, mothers all over world or Malaysia is creating a new generation which hate to hate others. Frequently, a mother would say, "Don't trust him/her, she is a christian" and a christian's mother would say " Don't trust them, they are muslim". This goes on for several years and in the end, wolla, this is what we got. A generation which hate to hate others. Generation who do not want to mix with others. A generation who can't accept similarity and 0nly look at the difference between each other. This is what we got and more will come in the future. I guess, in the end, everyone would kill each other. Or they have their own territory and one who enter others territory would be killed. Like a slum.

6. Hmm, we should not hate people. We should not think that we are different. We should not think that we are the best ever created in this world. Even in Koran said that the best created human is a Jew, that is why they are so clever. That is evidence based. What is important it to create a love enviroment. Everyone should love others or at least if they could not do that, they must not hate on love. The least they can do if you are ill enough to love.

p/s: the title for this blog is inspired by hahah.


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