I have been talking so much on the current issue on Muslim and Christians clashes in my country. For a few weeks I am walking so far in one direction and never look at the others. I am firm on my stand that I do not support on the ban of the word 'Allah' by the Catholics yet I also stand firm that the Catholics should not blame the Muslim for what a few of them did ( attacking church).

With both side clashing and arguing each other, no one will win and more damage will be inflicted. The only way to solve this matter is to accept each other. To love each other, and to make friend with each other.

It was so wrong for a person to walk and look at the Christian as a Muslim or walk as a Christian and look at the Muslim. For someone to walk humbly, they must look at each other as human. Human who work hard to live in temporarily in this world and to meet their God later after life. One must not ever look at other as Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddha, but they must look at each other as a person.

This is what has been teach in my medical school and everyday in my life as a medical student. We must treat each other equally. It does not matter whether the patient is Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddha or whatever he or she believed. Everyone has their equal rights living in this world, breathing the air given by god. If God never want them to exist, it would be a simple thing for God to demolish them from this earth. Everyone exists for a reason.

The thing that make me afraid today is how youth react regarding this matter. As you can see, teenager is so full of rebels and young spirit and they would react almost immediately by reflex for every thing that touches them. However, I guess that I am myself a youth for being only 23 years old, believed that we must not pour oil into the flame. If so, we will hurt ourselves in the end.

I don't know why but everyone is now busy protecting their own religion and mocking each other, provoking each other and trying to do stupid things. Yes we need to defend ourselves but we must not ever attack or provoked others.

When churches are attacked, I would agree that every Christian would be mad about it. Yes, they have the right to do that. But after some weeks, when the tension build up, suddenly I realize that some of them who condemn the attack start to provoke others. Lots of them start making fun of Islam and start doing some unhealthy jokes about Islam. This is unnecessary as everyone know what have been done will bring consequences.

Same goes to Muslim, when they were provoked, rather than having some patience, they also attack rather than defending themselves.

If this goes on, no end result will be seen even they are no more church or mosque attacked later. For years, this thing would cause more damage than every one can imagine. It is unsalvageable.

However, what is need to be done need to be done. The younger people need to be save before they follow their father's step. Campaign and propaganda would not do this. What we need now is the heart of Malaysian themselves. We must give them the space to decide and the time to think about it. I believe that no one would want this thing to be prolonged for years. Just stop. Sit down, relax, and think, we are not alone in this world. Think about it always.

Everyone deserves their just deserts.



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