Consumers should accept sugar price hike positively by consuming less sugar, said Consumer Affairs, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

"To lead a healthy lifestyle, we need only seven spoons of sugar a day in our drinks and food, according the Health Ministry," he (Dato Seri Ismail Sabri)  told reporters after launching a campaign to encourage Malaysians to take less sugar and Koperasi Bela Rakyat (Kobera) here Saturday. - Bernama

 I still not agree regarding this thing. This is the second time i heard people saying this kind of sentences. I've mention before that if the sugar price hike, those vendors and restaurant would not gave discount for every cup of their coffee and tea even we specifically asked for 'Kurang gula'.

The disadvantages is for people like me, student, who live in hostel and we don't have a chance either to drink plain water cooked from the pipe, or buy drink from outside. And what a pain if later someone would say that " drinking plain water is good for health so with the sugar price hike, everyone should drink plain water only". It is like.. i don't know..weird.

I believed, in the end, the scholarship and loan money for student should be raised to accommodate the increasing price of everything especially food and drinks. I imagine that it would be better if i am the person who make sugar for sale, then i would write different thing in this post. I would totally support sugar price hike for sure that time.

Anyway, increasing sugar price in market is inevitable. There is no way that we can ask for it to be in normal price again. But i don't like to hear the positive reason to reduce sugar intake. Diabetes will not be prevented by increasing the price of sugar. Did we learn this from cigarette. No matter how high you put the price for a box of smoke, no one will stop smoking, and more and more people will become poor and poorer because they smoke.

I hate people who smoke too. 

Everyone deserves their just deserts.



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