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1. This is my final year in UMS. And i have heard so many bad thing about UMS administration since i was in first year. Delayed scholarship, loan, result problem seem to be the norm for every year i have been through in UMS.

2. Some so call patriotism of UMS and junior student might be so anxious in defending UMS as they would say that we should protect and be proud of the place where we gather our knowledge. I have different perspective regarding this matter.

3. I am so proud of being a Universiti Malaysia Sabah's student. In fact, i love the environment here in UMS. More green tree and less racism ( however, more and more racist are applying into this university i don't know why). In term of academic, i would absolutely agree that it is competent with other university in Malaysia. In term of accommodation and transport, there is quite a few complain regarding the transportation but still manageable comfortable. At least no one stuck in lecture hall for days because there is no bus around.

4. The only problem, that student always concern and raised their voices is regarding the administration in UMS. I have been almost 5 years here in UMS, if someone asked me to do some task in Cancelori ( the main administration building), i am sure i will have an headache.

5. After years of observation and experiences, i believe that this matter happen when workers does not really understand what they are working for. For example, when asked regarding PTPTN Money or scholarship, seem like no one in UMS know about it. They would always said that there only manage the money but they did not know anything about how the money will come. But at the same time, the PTPTN side for example, would say " Go and ask your University, they must be a problem at your U side". So in the end, student just have to wait for miracle to happen.

6. "Ping Pong" is the way we do business here in UMS. When we went to one department, they will ask us to go to other department, then another, then another, and then no department know about anything. We lost.

7. So when people defend UMS in term of administration, i would always disagree and said " if you want to hate so many thing about UMS, you need not to, just hate the administration".

8. I believe that people up there are doing their work and put their best effort for the student. I know there is people who do their work correctly. However, there is still so many thing to be learn and fix so that in the end, no one would complain and get angry.

9. I just hope that someday, UMS administration would have proper explanation for whatever errors or problem happen in their side.

10. By the way, finishing my 5 years in UMS, i would always be proud of UMS and i would always recommend everyone to enter this university and you would enjoy your life more than you could enjoy in other univeristy. So multiracial, less racism, less restriction, beautiful, and there is one big shopping complex just outside the gate. haha. Will never found such a beautiful university like UMS.


  1. glad u r proud to study in UMS :) That's good


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