Wikipedia is the most famous online and free to edit encyclopedia in the net. I don't know how much but i would totally sure that 99% if not 100% of internet user would browse and read something they want in Wikipedia.

There is a lot of negative critics to Wikipedia because of their open policy where everyone can review and edit the content of information store in it. I also will not use Wikipedia as a main references for my report or anything not because i fear the information is wrong but fear that my worked will not be credited because of it.

The funny thing is, Wikipedia did help me much. I love surfing inside it and read whatever words that i can search in it. And sometimes, i did use wikipedia for my medical assigment as a key, as you know there is a lot of references inside an article in wikipedia so just follow that link and you will somehow found what you want.

Another great thing about Wikipedia is, it is simple and easy to understand and straight to the point. For example, i want to search for NSAID, and there it is, a long article about NSAIDs. Try search it in other source other than Wikipedia, and you will found some result like " NSAIDs and its relation to cardiovascular disease". or " NSAIDs a comprehensive study trial on people living in bla bla".... information that can't give me pure understanding on what it is actually.

Another thing is, if somehow we want to become advance and increase more on our knowledge, we would click the link " NSAIDs and its relation to cardiovascular disease"... and wolla! What you will see is : "SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ARTICLE FOR $14.99 - LIMITED OFFER ONLY".


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