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Stay away From Beach!

Tsunami is coming..i'm in KK. i don't bother much except the tsunami is 2000 m high. If so, die la. If not, then i think it's pretty safe for me here. But what about those in East Coast sabah? I'm from West coast. West Side!

Jokes of Orthopaedic

I could not throw this out of my mind. I believe it is a good jokes yet some way to make me remember the fact for a very long time. Well, yesterday (saturday), we have a orthopaedic class with our prof. So one f the topic that he talk was about Acute Compartment syndrome. It is a syndrome where there is increase in pressure inside your limb compartment ( in fact, it also can happen intraabdominally). It is an emergency and failure to treat it within the appropriate time will cause the patient to lose their respective limb, lower or upper limb. So the main complain or symptoms for this problem is severe pain, tense swelling and also numbness of the hand. Then our prof said " You must remember the pneumonic 3M for this problem"... Me, and perhaps the other student were confused a little initially...what is 3M. What is the relation of M with pain, tense swelling, and numbness? only 1 M happen to be there in those 3 symptoms. Then our prof continue with a little bit of Chinese ac

Food Entry: Nasi Padang Ibu

After so many years, finally i return to Nasi padang Ibu which is located at Jesselton Point KK. Last time i went to this place (and the first time) with my dad, i did enjoy the authentic Indonesian food served. I love Nasi Padang Ibu. The food price is quite reasonable but not cheap. Almost every 'lauk' serve for 2 person cost RM8-RM9. For a person who want to eat RM4 cuisine, go somewhere else, find yourself a Mamak stall. haha. I'm so cruel. So this is what i order tonight: 1. Dendeng Basah ( a fried dried meat cook with some spices that give sour sweet taste) cost Rm8 for 2 person. 2. 2 big prawn cook in coconut sugar gravy. So delicious. Cost RM9 3. Sambal Sotong ( Chili squid). Damn Nice. cost Rm8 4. Sup Tulang cost Rm8. 5. Eggplant cook with chili and anchovies. rm5. 6. One Mango shake for me and one sweetcorn shake for my gf. 7. Not to forget 2 plate of rice Rm3. so, all of this plus the tax cost us RM50.49. Huhuhu.. Share it so one person pay around Rm25. If it is

Another activity in Canselor Hall

1. One uncle suddenly stop his car in front of me, my gf and my 2 other friends this evening asking the direction of Chancellor Hall UMS. We pointed him to the right direction. At that time, i realize that there is another activity was held in Chancellor Hall UMS which i did not aware of. I always did not know what is happening around UMS even though i am an UMS student. 2. Tonight, there is Malam Muhibbah or something like Chinese New year celebration in UMS. A lot of stars are coming. Nicholas Teo ( i dunno who are this person), SHE ( i love this trio group, cute), and i heard that actress that starred in Mulan and 14 blades, the one with the big eye. She is cute too but i don't like her though. The point is, so many celebrity coming and i did not aware of the event. So disappointing. 3. Now i remember, one of my friend said that he has 4 free tickets for that event. To add into my disappointment, he said that this afternoon, he knock my room door when i was sleeping to give me t


1. I bought a new Dr.Cardin shoes after 5 years wearing the old one. 2. I love wearing dr.cardin shoes i don't know why. The shoes are in good quality and 'tahan' for a very long time. My last shoes remain in good condition for almost 4 and a half years ( i wore it everyday). I never think of where does this shoes coming from. France?. But they have their factory in Malaysia. Eventhough the name is quite ciplak from Dr.Martin, some people confused of this two brand but i guess, i'm going to stick with Dr.Cardin. Comfortable, affordable, durable. 3. People might think that Dr.cardin is a low quality shoes, despicable shoes, boring, but i don't think so. Ever since i bought my first Dr.Cardin shoes 4 and a half years ago, i realized that the shoes is similar in quality with the other imported brand. 4. Furthermore, one Dr.Cardin shoes that cost RM150++ is equal with imported shoes (such as Polo, Lee) that cost RM300++ above. Why does it cheap? Maybe because they have

Valentine Day

1. I am reading my own post regarding valentine day which i posted maybe few years ago. To my surprise that i am still firm in my stand that i am not opposing this day as religious people did. People are concerning regarding the negative side of this day without even thinking the positive one. Human always try to find a black dot in a sheet of a white paper. 2. What i like about this day, is because it is promoting love. It does not promote sex. Modern day has changed and some people, yes, did promote sex during this day but they are perverted and they are everywhere. I guess, they promote sex everyday not only for this day. 3. If valentine day is everyday, there will be no war and there will be ever lasting peace in this world. This is the good thing about this day. Celebrating love. 4. What i am concern is, some people pour hatred to this day. Claiming that this day is celebrate because christian defeat muslim, a christian celebration, plus with some sex element in this day. Everyone