1. I bought a new Dr.Cardin shoes after 5 years wearing the old one.

2. I love wearing dr.cardin shoes i don't know why. The shoes are in good quality and 'tahan' for a very long time. My last shoes remain in good condition for almost 4 and a half years ( i wore it everyday). I never think of where does this shoes coming from. France?. But they have their factory in Malaysia. Eventhough the name is quite ciplak from Dr.Martin, some people confused of this two brand but i guess, i'm going to stick with Dr.Cardin. Comfortable, affordable, durable.

3. People might think that Dr.cardin is a low quality shoes, despicable shoes, boring, but i don't think so. Ever since i bought my first Dr.Cardin shoes 4 and a half years ago, i realized that the shoes is similar in quality with the other imported brand.

4. Furthermore, one Dr.Cardin shoes that cost RM150++ is equal with imported shoes (such as Polo, Lee) that cost RM300++ above. Why does it cheap? Maybe because they have factory in Malaysia. so consider made in malaysia lah.

This is dr.cardin haha.

My brand new loafer. Rm150. simple. Nice. Pure leather.

My new Formal Shoes. Montana by Dr.cardin.


  1. hahah. aku blom ada kasut formal lagi. sampai skrg kalau clinical aku pun, masih dengan Adidas & Crocs aku.

    tapi kasut paling superb keselesaan memang Crocs lah,
    seperti berjalan atas angin i tell u XD

    tapi tapak crocs tak tahan dan cepat haus, skrg ni lagi musim ujan, memang licin ar.

    ko kena try crocs weh, tp jgn pakai yg cam bodo tu, ada gak crocs yg elegan, cam St.Cruz

  2. dekat indon murah tak croc? dekat sini mahal oo. sandal yang bright and colouful tu pun mencecah RM300-Rm400.

  3. Dr cardin is a malaysian brand..at first i quite messed up with pierre cardin and dr.martens brand as those two are international brand..came out this brand is local but the name has been taken from those two international brand..hahah


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