Food Entry: Nasi Padang Ibu

After so many years, finally i return to Nasi padang Ibu which is located at Jesselton Point KK. Last time i went to this place (and the first time) with my dad, i did enjoy the authentic Indonesian food served.

I love Nasi Padang Ibu. The food price is quite reasonable but not cheap. Almost every 'lauk' serve for 2 person cost RM8-RM9. For a person who want to eat RM4 cuisine, go somewhere else, find yourself a Mamak stall. haha. I'm so cruel.

So this is what i order tonight:

1. Dendeng Basah ( a fried dried meat cook with some spices that give sour sweet taste) cost Rm8 for 2 person.
2. 2 big prawn cook in coconut sugar gravy. So delicious. Cost RM9
3. Sambal Sotong ( Chili squid). Damn Nice. cost Rm8
4. Sup Tulang cost Rm8.
5. Eggplant cook with chili and anchovies. rm5.
6. One Mango shake for me and one sweetcorn shake for my gf.
7. Not to forget 2 plate of rice Rm3.

so, all of this plus the tax cost us RM50.49. Huhuhu.. Share it so one person pay around Rm25.

If it is expensive, yes it is, but both of us really satisfied with the food. The salt and spices were mixed very well. Salute to the cook. Damn, how can they cook so nicely. I won't regret spending a little more money for a good food like this. I gave 5/5 rating for this restaurant.

I forgot to take picture. So this food entry look a little dull. haha. Never mind. Please and drop by at Nasi Padang Ibu Jesselton point Kota Kinabalu, bring extra money, and you will taste one of the best restaurant in Sabah.


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