Jokes of Orthopaedic

I could not throw this out of my mind. I believe it is a good jokes yet some way to make me remember the fact for a very long time.

Well, yesterday (saturday), we have a orthopaedic class with our prof. So one f the topic that he talk was about Acute Compartment syndrome.

It is a syndrome where there is increase in pressure inside your limb compartment ( in fact, it also can happen intraabdominally). It is an emergency and failure to treat it within the appropriate time will cause the patient to lose their respective limb, lower or upper limb.

So the main complain or symptoms for this problem is severe pain, tense swelling and also numbness of the hand.

Then our prof said " You must remember the pneumonic 3M for this problem"...

Me, and perhaps the other student were confused a little initially...what is 3M. What is the relation of M with pain, tense swelling, and numbness? only 1 M happen to be there in those 3 symptoms.

Then our prof continue with a little bit of Chinese accent.... " Manyak sakit, manyak kitat (ketat), manyak kibas (kebas) "...that is the 3M. was so stupid yet so true. hahaha...the best saturday joke. hahaha.

* sakit = pain
Ketat = tense
kebas = numb\
manyak = banyak (Malaysian Chinese style)


  1. hahahahaha.

    yo yo ow jer kan berbunyi 'academic'.

    tau 3 manyak. hahahahaha.


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