Sick or Criminal

1. It was a very hot noon and i am sitting in my room watching the news. Are you aware that a few weeks ago, there is a very cruel massacre occur here in Malaysia where a man kill his family in a very cruel way. He confess to the authority that there is a voice who told him to do so. After that, media start to give attention to this case.

2. Some call it The Devil Whisper, some call it devil voice, and many other thing but upon realizing about this case, i immediately jump to one differential which is Schizophrenia. It was not devil or what so ever... it was audio hallucination that came from the brain itself. Our brain is not simply a tissue, it is so mysterious until no one on earth can describe it completely until today.

3. Another thing is, lay people start to divide into 2 groups. One groups said that it was the Devil fault for the cruel massacre. Another group said, it was that man fault. So who's fault it is? People want punishment, people want fair judgment, people want justice.

4. Insensitively, i would say, it was no one fault. He is sick. He need treatment. And whatever he do is not done consciously. So, he need treatment and not punishment.

5. This is the issue in psychiatry. Should we punish psychiatric patient who murder? But they are sick, they did not know what they are doing at that time? So should let them loose? So that they can murder again? Or what about the relative of the murdered family? Should we not consider their feeling?

Ultimately, we can only said that psychiatric patient is sick, and it is not fair to punish them.

What to do...God created our brain in a very complicated way you could ever imagine. So everything would trigger our heart, that we are still not understand even something that stuck in our head.


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