Valentine Day

1. I am reading my own post regarding valentine day which i posted maybe few years ago. To my surprise that i am still firm in my stand that i am not opposing this day as religious people did. People are concerning regarding the negative side of this day without even thinking the positive one. Human always try to find a black dot in a sheet of a white paper.

2. What i like about this day, is because it is promoting love. It does not promote sex. Modern day has changed and some people, yes, did promote sex during this day but they are perverted and they are everywhere. I guess, they promote sex everyday not only for this day.

3. If valentine day is everyday, there will be no war and there will be ever lasting peace in this world. This is the good thing about this day. Celebrating love.

4. What i am concern is, some people pour hatred to this day. Claiming that this day is celebrate because christian defeat muslim, a christian celebration, plus with some sex element in this day. Everyone start to go the opposite way of love. This is strange.

5. If we celebrate this day honestly, for the sake of love, i guess we will not be burn in hell and who knows who will be burn in hell?

6. So, i will always love to celebrate this day, with a good dinner and probably watching movies or go sing karaoke. This is the way i celebrate it. I should promote this. It is better than asking people to have sex during this day. (exception to married couples).

7. So no matter how much people hate this day, i will love it because i am not celebrating the history or the sex in this day, but i celebrate the love. haha.

p/s: if you did not celebrate a day of love in a year...when do you celebrate your day of love. If you did not have one, you should think how much hatred are there in your heart. How evil are you going to be?


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