Women domination in Public Sector

Hahahahahha.... this issue come out? Really? Do people really think about this? I never think of this. Haha. For me it is funny. haha.

1. The problem is women dominating the public sector. Haha. Still i could not see the problem here. haha.

2. Let them be. It does not matter on who are dominating, male or female. No difference. When Cuepacs Chief mention about this issue, about the practical probel where female usually will took longer days of leave compare to male because of pregnancy or whatever problem, it does sound sexist. But then, the women shout back regarding their right and everything, they too sound so sexist. So both are 'dua kali lima'.

3. In the first place, just treat both of the gender equally. If guys to lazy and stupid to be in public sector, kick em out. If girl in public sector not doing their work productively, same thing, scold and kick em out. No problem here. haha. Everyone just need to put their 110% effort in whatever work they do.

4. So funny la people today. I got this theory since years ago regarding how girl discriminate themselves because they are girls, not i guess boy start to follow the trend. Just look at both gender equally, don't get mad to each other. Everyone have their own weakness. hoho.


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