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I am thinking... it is hard to become a diplomat. It is easier to become a dictator.

If a country was attacking another country and you are a country who supposed to be friend for this two country, obviously you would condemn everything about the attacker. This will be gone for a very long time. The solution is clear. But when somehow, after a period of time, the attacking country stop and try to negotiate a friendship back with your country, will you accept it. What if the attacked country is one of the top priority of your country?

If you choose to take the easy solution and accept the agreement from the attacking country, it would hurt the attacked country. Then you try to negotiate the attacked country to accept the solution but it would not be so easy as you thought. In the end the line is clear, you have to obey a country that is the top priority. But this mean you are going declare a full blown war with the other one.

If i am the diplomat in this situation, i would rather be silen…


So late. I never had any interest in watching late Yasmin movie. I do sometimes like her type of movie but, well, from Sepet and Gubra, i was disappointed. So when this movie came out, i was like, no way.

So i guess just today i get a copy of this movie from a friend and i watched it. This is what i think...

It was not bad. The movie is full of content and messages which can make others think on the similarities between us and not to look at the difference. From the beginning until the end, the movie is so full with content.

The picture is also quite nice, there was not a single frame from the picture showing nothing but content. Perspective. Revision. Idea. Life. Reason. Everything was show in the dialogue, the picture, the music and even the way they put or arrange the furniture, cloth and surrounding environment.

The downside of this movie is as usual, the story build up so slowly. There is no intro, climax, solution or end, there is only content. Flat storyline. No real solution. And …

How to train your dragon

Dragon? Lame? Outdated? We have seen so many dragon movie before. Now that they make another dragon movie, in 3D, is not it boring?

No. This movie is different. It is not about dragon only but different type of dragon. it is like watching a pokemon or digimon or whatever yang sewaktu dengannya. In this movie, we can see a few types of dragon with its ability and weakness. it was fun.

Plus, the dragon is cute especially the Night Fury. Look like a cat.

Anyway, this movie is about a group of people who are called viking. they kill dragon and they were good at killing it. however, they never understand the dragon they fight not until a boy named Hiccup discover that dragon was not a cruel reptiles but a friendly one and it can be train. So the story goes. A whole villagers who killed dragon for generations versus a boy who can ride one.

I can tell you that from the beginning until the end, you will be full of excitement, laughter and you are hoping for more dragon along the movie.

The i…

Not bad.

I was thinking, who else work from 6 AM in the morning and finish around 9-10 PM at night on average, everyday, the whole year

I was thinking, who else work a 36 hours shift?

I was thinking, who else work for the benefit of others and sacrificed their own life with a cheap salary not even enough to buy a house?

I was thinking, who else work even in public holiday and weekend?

I was thinking, who else work even he/she was sick and not given any medical leave?

Hmm...a slave maybe?

Haha... this is just a random thinking of my future. Looking at the bright side, maybe it is not bad at all.

Merantau Warrior

Ni nak cerita sikit tentang movie ni. Mula2 kata nak tayang kat Sabah ni, bila sampai tarikh yang ditetapkan, tengok2 tiada pula ditayang. Kena cari DVD baru bleh tengok. Pelik betul la dorang ni. Apa masalah cerita ni pula sehingga tak ditayangkan di Sabah? Ada unsur tak baik ka? tak ada juga. Entahlah. Dorang anti sabah kot. haha.

Have you ever seen Ong Bak? Even though Ong Bak is not a genre of movie but i guess people already make it one. If you watch a movie like Fury, Raging Of Phoenix, and this one Merantau Warrior, it is an Ong Bak genre movie.

What i like about this movie is obviously the fighting choreography. I always think why people stop making Silat movie. Everything nowadays is about Kung Fu or karate, or universal marshal art where one punch and the other avoid it and return the punch. Do you remember years ago, there is a lot o Silat movie, during P.Ramlee time, during A.R Badul, until late 1990's, suddenly Silat was gone. Just like that.

Not until Ong Bak released. …

The Lovely Bones

Alice in wonderland, nice but for a 4 year old kid. If we talk about some serious fantasy movie, for adult, the lovely bone it is.

It was based on a book by the same title i guess. I never read the book but i know about it. So without knowing the story from that book, i go and watch this movie and believe that this is one of my favaorite movie ever since 2010 started.

It was a unique movie about a girl who are murdered and then she tell the story from her afterlife. The movie is a combination of fantasy and spiritual element. Plus a lot of intense and suspense, with a little touch of good acting and also storyline. I can never predict the end of the story from the beginning. The story is unpredictable and i like it.

I recommend this movie for those who loved fantasy, family movie, and thriller.

I gave 4 out of 5 stars for this movie.

So enough about the movie, i want to tell a story about a person who was sitting at my back when i watched this movie. 2 females. I believe that one of them a…

Alice in Wonderland

This is my movie week. I've watched 5 movie this week. Yes 5.

hmm... I want to start with the first one which is

1. The Hurt locker

How should i describe this movie. Not too nice, and not too bad. Overall....boring. The only nice thing about this movie is, it really make you feel the feeling of a soldier fighting in Iraq or any war in the world. We can feel their fear, concern and adrenaline rush when watching this movie. The story is simple. Just about war and bomb. I don't know but i was a little disappointed with this movie. I'm anticipating this movie since a few months ago after it win a lot of awards internationally and just a day after watching it, it win 6 academy award. I still don't get it. What is so big about this movie? 4 of my other friends agree with me...

we gave 2.5 out of 5 star for this movie.

2. My name is Khan

This is also a big movie (bollywoodly). It gain quite a profit in the west and break the record of the first bollywood movie that gain that much.


Assistant Medical Officer

1. I was commenting on the issue of 1malaysia clinic where some management from the assistant medical officer in charge there is not (sometimes) correct. I have seen this matter in hospital everyday especially paediatric posting. Yup, maybe i am just a medical student who are going but still not become a doctor, but i am trying to learn whatever is wrong and right and in medicine, there is no such thing as i am senior or junior or i eat salt first but it would depend on how much 'salt' you ingest...

2. I already talk about this in my previous post that we cannot say that old people would always be right because they was born first but in the era of mass exposure to mass media and information technology, a 10 years old children would no more about the world compare to 70 years old who even did not know how to turn on a computer.

3. So regarding the assistant medical officer problem, one person ( i guess AMO) emailed me and tell a long description regarding their role in Malaysia.…

Old Town Halal?

Now another 'chain email' saying that OLD TOWN white Coffee is not halal even though it have Halal Logo from Jakim. It says that the logo is a fake, muslim was cheated and OLD Town is anti-islam.

True or not? Who knows?

Until when should muslim live under suspicion? paranoid? insecure? Doubtful?

I guess, we all just should open our mind, and think once, what good do we get if we over doubt everything? Do we move forward? Or do we move backward? Or static and everyone else go forward? Literally, that is backward.

By saying thing like this, i guess all the 'alim' people would have 3-4 pages of so called evidence to deny whatever i said but i just want to tell them that... I DON'T CARE.

Judging is a thing that we should leave to God to decide, not us, a mere human.

My Rubik's Cube

I bought my new Rubik's cube. I was addicted to this cube since last year when suddenly, out of the blue, i go and buy one rubik's cube without any particular reason. So i learn how to solve it, and i got addicted, i love solving it even though i am doing the same thing again and again. Just to make my brain sore a little bit.

This is my new Rubik's cube:

It is beautiful. But... the colour fade away so easily. Damn it. It cost me Rm10 for this one and i thought it would last long.

I have to use McDonald Sticker to modify the surface...hmm..i will show it later. haha...

Anyway, it would be almost impossible for a person to solve this cube spontaneously accept those who are too genius. As you can see, not many solution were there to solve this cube. Probably less than 10 methods. After you remember the algorithm, then it would be easy for you to solve it.

hmm.... I guess i am not genius after all.

MOCK exam The Next day

Hmm, i don't expect that i performed really bad during this MOCK exam. Well, today got pregnancy case previous history of C-section twice and a fungating breast carcinoma. Well, i was terrible in both. Not too terrible, but not that excellence also. I just don't get certain examiner questions. It was not clear and so vague.

I love when they asked clearly. But that is what we call luck. We will get good examiner, and bad examiner.

What i love about MOCK exam or they call it MOCK program is that we have half day exam, and half day seminar, like a workshop.

For this 3 days, we are so lucky to get some lecture from Prof Dato Dr.Raymond Azman Ali, from UKM. I love his lecture regarding clinical examination and neurological examination. Everything make sense. Everything is logical and practical. Not like what we have been taught 3 years ago. What we have been taught is correct but not practical.

Hmm, i want to share some thing that we get from him. As a medical student, we are usually t…

MOCK exam Cerebral Palsy

A disorder movement and posture due to non progressive lesion that occur because of the damage in the developing brain.

The most common causes is Prematurity ( previously birth asphyxia are believed to be the most common causes)...

It is common even though most people think that this condition is rare.

So, i get this case. I know everything about it but my weakness is in the differential diagnosis. I would put muscular dystrophy as the first differential. I know about it. Ok. Fair enough. But when it came to my next differential, spinal cord disease, i am having a though block. All i can think is infection, tuberculosis...what else? I did not revise neuro before mock exam. My fault. Arr...

So then, i guess i could failed my long case today....