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Alice in Wonderland

This is my movie week. I've watched 5 movie this week. Yes 5.

hmm... I want to start with the first one which is

1. The Hurt locker

How should i describe this movie. Not too nice, and not too bad. Overall....boring. The only nice thing about this movie is, it really make you feel the feeling of a soldier fighting in Iraq or any war in the world. We can feel their fear, concern and adrenaline rush when watching this movie. The story is simple. Just about war and bomb. I don't know but i was a little disappointed with this movie. I'm anticipating this movie since a few months ago after it win a lot of awards internationally and just a day after watching it, it win 6 academy award. I still don't get it. What is so big about this movie? 4 of my other friends agree with me...

we gave 2.5 out of 5 star for this movie.

2. My name is Khan

This is also a big movie (bollywoodly). It gain quite a profit in the west and break the record of the first bollywood movie that gain that much.

My opinion about this bad. Shah Rukh Khan seem to copycat the character in the old movie entitled "Rain Main'. If you already watched rain main, then you would give a thumbs down for this movie. The story line is illogical. Quite funny i guess even though it is not a comedy. The way they portrait Islam in this movie is misguided. Still some of it i have to agree where Islam should not always about hate, the god way it the way of love. Fair enough. If you watch the movie towards the end you would say "shit, what the hell". If you want to make a historical movie, make it like one and if you want to make it a total fiction, make it one. This is another version of inglurious bastard. I believe that the only fictional movie that can play around with real fact and history is Forest Gump. People should consult the author of that movie before you create a movie and ended like inglurious bastard and My name is Khan.

I gave 1.5 out of 5 star for this.

3. Alice in Wonderland

Yeah, alice! The name is so famiiar. I could not wait to watch this movie. Today is the releasing day so i wait for the first show in GSC 1borneo to watch it.HoHo. Well, overall, this movie did not disappoint me. But, it is not quite up to the standard where i gave 5 star (like i did for avatar). It is is not like the story which i remember. Was my memory wrong or they change the storyline a little bit? I don't know. I was confused until now. From my memory, in the end, alice become big and he can stomp all her enemy. But in this one, she fight with a dragon. I am confused with my memory. Still, this movie is nice. You can bring your child or your little sister to watch it. I guess girl and children love it more than i do.

i gave 3.5 ou of 5 star for it.

4. Edge of Darkness

This is the movie i watched today after alice in wonderland. And hell, i don't get it. This movie is so twisted until in the end, i can't untie the knot. I don't get it. I don't get it. The story is too slow. If you want to make a twisted movie, i guess you need to summarize the end brilliantly so people would impress with it. If you don't, this is the result, audience like me would say " that's it? I don't get it". I don't want to comment further. I don't recommend this one. I gave 1 out of 5 star to it.

5. Confucious.

The last movie i want to comment here. Hmm..everybody know Kung Fu Tze. This movie is the story of him. From the beginning until the end. It is all about confucious journey towards the fame of his name. My opinion is, i don't like it. Why? yes this is a historical movie i guess but they forgot to highlight the greatness of confucious. When i watched this movie, i only see a story of a man becoming old. that is all. Do you ever watch that old movie titled "Gandhi". The story about gandhi. that one is marvelous because it highlight the influence of gandhi and the act of him that make him a great figure in this world. Contrast to confucious, it only show a story of a man becoming old and die at the end. Haha. Not good. Boring.

I gave 1 out of 5 star for it.

So that is all for this week. Anticipating for other movie next week.


  1. di mana ko tgk my name is khan?

  2. banyak movie ko tengok oh... aku download jak woo... haha

  3. zeq: my name is khan tengok dari softcopy saja. Forgot to mention that my name is khan and the hurt locker tidak ditayangkan di Sabah. Tak tau kat peninsular.... yang aku tau my name is khan memang ada kat peninsular, the hurt locker macam tak ada.

  4. owh. i tot so. nnt dl la dari mana3.

    yepz my name is khan only available di sunway, KL.


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