I am thinking... it is hard to become a diplomat. It is easier to become a dictator.

If a country was attacking another country and you are a country who supposed to be friend for this two country, obviously you would condemn everything about the attacker. This will be gone for a very long time. The solution is clear. But when somehow, after a period of time, the attacking country stop and try to negotiate a friendship back with your country, will you accept it. What if the attacked country is one of the top priority of your country?

If you choose to take the easy solution and accept the agreement from the attacking country, it would hurt the attacked country. Then you try to negotiate the attacked country to accept the solution but it would not be so easy as you thought. In the end the line is clear, you have to obey a country that is the top priority. But this mean you are going declare a full blown war with the other one.

If i am the diplomat in this situation, i would rather be silent and engaged in a different way to find the solution. Even a round table would not solve the problem. I have to maintain the relation with the country that is so important to mine first at the same time, avoiding any provoking factor. But no clear solution will be visualized. But it could be better compare to feeding a hatred either way.

It is so hard to become diplomatic. It is much easier to become dictator.


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