How to train your dragon

Dragon? Lame? Outdated? We have seen so many dragon movie before. Now that they make another dragon movie, in 3D, is not it boring?

No. This movie is different. It is not about dragon only but different type of dragon. it is like watching a pokemon or digimon or whatever yang sewaktu dengannya. In this movie, we can see a few types of dragon with its ability and weakness. it was fun.

Plus, the dragon is cute especially the Night Fury. Look like a cat.

Anyway, this movie is about a group of people who are called viking. they kill dragon and they were good at killing it. however, they never understand the dragon they fight not until a boy named Hiccup discover that dragon was not a cruel reptiles but a friendly one and it can be train. So the story goes. A whole villagers who killed dragon for generations versus a boy who can ride one.

I can tell you that from the beginning until the end, you will be full of excitement, laughter and you are hoping for more dragon along the movie.

The introduction part was genius, the story end with a good happy ending one, as usual for a 3d movie for kids, and the last huge dragon was.... huge. It really look like godzilla. I love godzilla so this is bias a little bit. Hehe.

Anyway, i recommend this movie. it is better than alice in wonderland ( to compare it with the previous movie in 3D i have watched).

I gave this movie 4 out of 5 star. It lack one star from me because i want more dragon. I want to see more night fury. Hehe. Plus one moon for the movie for the big godzilla in the end.

rating: 4/5 star + 1 moon.


  1. I know how to chase dragon la~ lol


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