The Lovely Bones

Alice in wonderland, nice but for a 4 year old kid. If we talk about some serious fantasy movie, for adult, the lovely bone it is.

It was based on a book by the same title i guess. I never read the book but i know about it. So without knowing the story from that book, i go and watch this movie and believe that this is one of my favaorite movie ever since 2010 started.

It was a unique movie about a girl who are murdered and then she tell the story from her afterlife. The movie is a combination of fantasy and spiritual element. Plus a lot of intense and suspense, with a little touch of good acting and also storyline. I can never predict the end of the story from the beginning. The story is unpredictable and i like it.

I recommend this movie for those who loved fantasy, family movie, and thriller.

I gave 4 out of 5 stars for this movie.

So enough about the movie, i want to tell a story about a person who was sitting at my back when i watched this movie. 2 females. I believe that one of them already read this book so she know the story. The problem is, one of them keep asking the other about how the story goes along the movie. WTF. If she really want to know, can she just watch the screen in front of her. And the other person keep telling about how the story goes. Well, in my conclusion, i would suggest this two perempuan, go back or go sit somewhere in a coffeehouse or something and talk about the movie rather than paying RM5 to enter the cinema hall and keep talking about the movie from the books she read before. Everyone is thinking illogically nowadays. So many people think illogically which i hate the most.

I hate illogical thinking, so stop think illogically if someone want to be around me. haha...but i do accept jokes and good illogical humour. hehe.


  1. nice. keep giving reviews on movies. so i will not end up wasting 2 hours of my life watching something i dont enjoy.


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