So late. I never had any interest in watching late Yasmin movie. I do sometimes like her type of movie but, well, from Sepet and Gubra, i was disappointed. So when this movie came out, i was like, no way.

So i guess just today i get a copy of this movie from a friend and i watched it. This is what i think...

It was not bad. The movie is full of content and messages which can make others think on the similarities between us and not to look at the difference. From the beginning until the end, the movie is so full with content.

The picture is also quite nice, there was not a single frame from the picture showing nothing but content. Perspective. Revision. Idea. Life. Reason. Everything was show in the dialogue, the picture, the music and even the way they put or arrange the furniture, cloth and surrounding environment.

The downside of this movie is as usual, the story build up so slowly. There is no intro, climax, solution or end, there is only content. Flat storyline. No real solution. And you can't even appreciate which one is actually the conflict in the movie. Which story is highlighted? Every content is buried somehow making you confuse to what actually the movie is trying to say.


So i would gave 3 out of 5 star for this movie.

Rating: 3/5 star. 0 moon.

p/s: I like the idea when she said Everyone afraid of what they could not understand.
And also when she said that every translator have different opinion so we should not blindly follow. I like this because ever since i read tafsir since a year ago, i lost much of my interest because the translator seem to be narrowing all the content of Koran despite of making it wide to the current situation we are dealing with today. I believe that not until we ( I) learn arabic that i could really understand the meaning of it. For example, they translate Islam as islam in the koran and why not Selamat or sejahtera or safe? I always think of this... Maybe Prophet Jesus, Abraham, all came to us praying to God and use the word Islam but in old language and not arab. maybe. haha.


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