My Rubik's Cube

I bought my new Rubik's cube. I was addicted to this cube since last year when suddenly, out of the blue, i go and buy one rubik's cube without any particular reason. So i learn how to solve it, and i got addicted, i love solving it even though i am doing the same thing again and again. Just to make my brain sore a little bit.

This is my new Rubik's cube:

It is beautiful. But... the colour fade away so easily. Damn it. It cost me Rm10 for this one and i thought it would last long.

I have to use McDonald Sticker to modify the surface...hmm..i will show it later. haha...

Anyway, it would be almost impossible for a person to solve this cube spontaneously accept those who are too genius. As you can see, not many solution were there to solve this cube. Probably less than 10 methods. After you remember the algorithm, then it would be easy for you to solve it.

hmm.... I guess i am not genius after all.


  1. i cant solve it until now but i know the algorithm of it... believe me or not... i have 20 diff shape and colours of rubik in my office now and i didnt even solve one... lol... bravo to me! XD


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