Not bad.

I was thinking, who else work from 6 AM in the morning and finish around 9-10 PM at night on average, everyday, the whole year

I was thinking, who else work a 36 hours shift?

I was thinking, who else work for the benefit of others and sacrificed their own life with a cheap salary not even enough to buy a house?

I was thinking, who else work even in public holiday and weekend?

I was thinking, who else work even he/she was sick and not given any medical leave?

Hmm...a slave maybe?

Haha... this is just a random thinking of my future. Looking at the bright side, maybe it is not bad at all.


  1. tetiba rasa macam menyesal kan?
    haha XDDD


    skrg ni surgical dept.
    1 minggu 2x oncall.

  2. tak nyesal. haha...not bad ba. Just aku tak suka bila aku busy, ada orang kacau. then bila kata aku busy, di kata semua orang pun kerja jg, busy juga but still ada masa.

    Not me.


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