Old Town Halal?

Now another 'chain email' saying that OLD TOWN white Coffee is not halal even though it have Halal Logo from Jakim. It says that the logo is a fake, muslim was cheated and OLD Town is anti-islam.

True or not? Who knows?

Until when should muslim live under suspicion? paranoid? insecure? Doubtful?

I guess, we all just should open our mind, and think once, what good do we get if we over doubt everything? Do we move forward? Or do we move backward? Or static and everyone else go forward? Literally, that is backward.

By saying thing like this, i guess all the 'alim' people would have 3-4 pages of so called evidence to deny whatever i said but i just want to tell them that... I DON'T CARE.

Judging is a thing that we should leave to God to decide, not us, a mere human.


  1. then i guessed 7-11 is haram as well since they sell alcohol? they missused JAKIM for jealousy... kopitiam is so well known in kl bah... pathetic ppl... lol


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