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Ice Kacang Puppy Love

It has been quite a while since i watch a movie. So today i went i watch a movie, a malaysian movie entitled 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love'. I don't know much about the making of this movie, my friend recommend it to me so why don't give it a try. All i know is that this movie is a Malaysian Chinese movie. Not much Malaysian Chinese movie had been made in Malaysia. Even so, not much of them get a good review. Don't say Malaysian are racist but really, a good movie does not matter whether it is chinese, malay or indian movie, if it is really good, it will always be good. This movie proved my point. What a great movie this is. It is a story about one group of kids, friends, or teenager, having their normal life and puppy love story back in the 1980. The story is that simple. The strength of this movie is on the good acting skill showed by all the actor and actress. Even though many of them were not that well recognize in movie industry, but i am sure their skill alrea

Professional Exam Result

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not scream so loud in reality but i want to shout now Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally pass the exam. haha.. Still could not accept that i am a doctor now. Still cannot..haha.

Professional Exam End

Today is the end of my medical professional exam. After 5 years, this is it. This exam was difficult. I hate it. Not like before. Not like posting exam. damn. I hate it. Tomrrow result will come out. I could not face reality anymore today. I just want to sleep.

Professional Exam

Professional Exam II a.k.a PE starts today. 450 true and false question and 24 MEQ making everyone have an headache, blurring of vision, epigastric pain, blood pressure increase, irritated and everyone is at risk to develop convulsion. Question so difficult, not to say difficult, but weird. I don't know how to describe it. The diagnosis is straight forward but the question is somehow,..... making me want to say "What is the meaning of this?".... Pray to God that i will pass this exam. This is final. I don't want to stuck here in medical study.

Digi Broadband

Before i disconnected from my digi broadband internet connection, i would like to make sure that i post this. Digi is a liar. When i bought this broadband, they promise the 700kbs speed. I was cheated. The problem with digi broadband is it can't connect that easily. To mention here, i have been clicking for 1 hour before i get connected and manage to post this entry. can you believe it? Then why do i supposed to pay RM58 per month for this crap? My friend who bought the Rm88 package already terminate his digi broadband due to the same reason. No point in possessing a wireless broadband modem with clear Digi logo on it but you can't connect to the internet... If you all want to buy broadband, i gave a damn to celcom and maxis but up to date, i heard that both of them are upgrading their broadband service while digi is downgrading with slow connection and hard to connect typical problem. I've been complaining to digi about this problem but they seem to employ a 5th grad


I have this one principle that i'm about to breach regarding facebook. People has been condemning and criticizing regarding the abuse of facebook in term of accepting so many friends even though you did not know them. Yes, i agree, why do you have to add them if you don't recognize them and never will. However, lately, i realize that facebook is more than connecting to your friends. It is a social network, a wide social network that can be use for other means. For example, if you are trying to spread something so that you want it to become 'pandemic', try it with your 200 friends that you know since childhood, the spreading will always circle there in a small virtual community of people you know. What if you have 1000 friends, you know or do not know, once you need to spread something, it is there by with more probability of getting further than you expected. haha... it is just a theory. It seem that facebook already lost its value in keeping you in touch with yo

Say goodbye, say goodbye to UMS

There is only a few weeks for me here in UMS. It has been a long journey for me here. It is still fresh in my mind, the first day i registered in UMS. The day i first wear my labcoat, the day i first my car in UMS.... the first day in hospital. Friends i met, friends i lost. Money i spend, money i spend. So much i have see here in UMS. Every changes that i can experience. 5 years is quite a long time. But i guess i have no choice.. i will always be here in KK as there is no other available hospital for me to work except KK, or tawau which i don't want to go in the first place, and hmm...

Brunei family name....

There is a unique name for Bruneian who originate from a royal family. They have Awangku, dayangku and Pangeran in front of their name. It was very spesific. The title can only be inherited when a dayangku married an awangku but awangku can always give the title to his son and daughter even though he married a normal women without that title. Yes, it sound sexist. It supposed that a son of dayangku also can inherit the title as proven in science that genetic is always equal from mother and father. huhu.. However, there is so many people now are abusing the name of dayangku and awangku by giving the title to anyone they like. It does not matter and the Jabatan Pendaftaran negara did not bother to check the authenticity of the title. Hmm, in the end, there is so many awangku and dayangku even though most of them did not know the genealogy of his/her family. I am not sure about the title dayang and awang whether it is similar or not with dayangku or awangku. But from what i can observ

Teaching Hospital For Universiti Malaysia Sabah

1. Hmm, this issues has been circulating recently. Well, i am not sure about the end of this battle. But i am sure that all people in Sabah want more doctors and hospital. 2. Yes, what my prof said in the last meeting with us make sense, there is no such thing as lack of Hospital in Sabah as there is multiple quite enough scale hospital around sabah, however no one running it since there has been lack of doctors in sabah for a very long long time. The issues does not seem to be solve by any ruling government in Malaysia. 3. The problem is the system itself. The way the plan are planned. Since i am in my first year of study in UMS medical school, the issues regarding not enough space to accommodate all patient in Sabah is always the main concern of the public and medical care giver. Now i am in my fifth year of study, finishing soon, there is no changes that i can see, wait, there is, the main hospital were closed because it was not safe. It was like, downgrading. Anyway... please su

I and Pad

When taking a medical history of a women, menstrual history is important. A: Madam, how many pad do you use in one day? Madam: Don't have one, doctor.. A: what do you use instead? Madam: Use only phone. A: Err. i guess you misunderstand me, madam. I mean, how many pad do you use when you you had your period every month? Madam: Don't have one, does not matter in period or not. A: And why is that? Madam: Because don't have money to buy that. A: But it is stated here that your husband is working in government sector and no financial issue stated in your record. Madam: Yes, but you know that thing is so expensive. Can't afford it. A: Oh well, so what do you use then if you don't use that? Madam: Used only phone lor. My son bought me one last year. A: Yea? That is very nice of him. But what about pad? Madam: Already told you, don't have money to buy that one, my husband also won't buy me want. also don't want it because would not know how to us

Evolusi KL Drift 2

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i saw in the TV was Datuk Yusof Haslam promoting his son's new movie, Evolusi KL Drift 2 (EKLD 2). I am planning not to watch this movie since the first one is so damn boring. But i can tell you, their promoting skill is superb. From not wanting to watch it, i end my day today wathing it instead. So what i feel about the movie? It was a joke. The movie is a joke. Why do they make such movie? I can tell you that it is a waste of time to see. First, the plot, is boring, lame, illogical. Nothing make sense. Second, the script, the dialogue, all are childish, outdated, doesn't make sense. Third, the main actor and actress, are they new actor or actress like this is their first movie ever? So rigid. Even when they make an emotional touching scene, everyone in the cinema hall laugh out loud. Because it was stupid. Fourth, yes there is so many gun fighting scene but the bullet is made from air i guess. No side effect that to make it

Clash of The Titans

When i bought the ticket of this movie, i was pretty sure that i will watch an action packed movie about someone fighting monster or war or battle everywhere. It is a clash is not it? But when i sat inside the cinema hall, i was like ... uhh.. did i bought the wrong ticket? I am sure it was Clash of Titan and not Percy Jackson. But there it is. The serious version of percy jackson. The main problem is, i have watched percy jackson just a month ago so when i watch this movie, i already know about everything. I know about medusa, perceus (percy), the battle between zues and hades, the way to get to underworld. Everything is similar. Not to blame anyone but as both picture based on the old greek or whatever theology, so fair enough. The problem is, the story is to boring. 1 hour 40 minutes of them walking to find whatever they want to find and then the end with the hero win the battle as usual. The advertisement showing the big large kraken, yes, it was amazing, the kraken was huge,