Brunei family name....

There is a unique name for Bruneian who originate from a royal family. They have Awangku, dayangku and Pangeran in front of their name. It was very spesific. The title can only be inherited when a dayangku married an awangku but awangku can always give the title to his son and daughter even though he married a normal women without that title.

Yes, it sound sexist. It supposed that a son of dayangku also can inherit the title as proven in science that genetic is always equal from mother and father. huhu..

However, there is so many people now are abusing the name of dayangku and awangku by giving the title to anyone they like. It does not matter and the Jabatan Pendaftaran negara did not bother to check the authenticity of the title.

Hmm, in the end, there is so many awangku and dayangku even though most of them did not know the genealogy of his/her family.

I am not sure about the title dayang and awang whether it is similar or not with dayangku or awangku. But from what i can observe, the royal bloodline usually use awangku and dayangku. the 'ku' is kind of spesific.

Hmm, my mom is a dayangku, but my father is not. So i don't get the title. Hehe. It could be fun if i had that tittle.

What is the significant of the title? The significant is about the level of custom and tradition that is practice when you bound to the title. The way marriage is arrange, and every protocol and procedure must be take care with cautious as the title seem to reflect the royal bloodline.

A lot of people who did not study history well, said that the title is given to dayang-dayang istana as it reflect the name itself 'dayang' but it is funny to listen to this kind of people who lack the knowledge of history.

Ask a form 3 student who learn history of Malaysia, who are the people that was sent to Sabah and Sarawak and other area which is under the ruling of Brunei Royal family? Was it dayang-dayang istana? haha. No. They send their family, pembesar-pembesar, those pangeran which later after the formation of Malaysia and a lot more event, remain to be living in Malaysia and the title remain only as title. They don't do job for Royals of Brunei anymore.

The real Pangeran family always proud of their title and genealogy of their family. Even though i am not one of them, but i, supposed to inherited half of the gene, are very much interested in this history and nomenclature. article i can found that describe this matter seriously in an easy way to understand. So....

Nevermind. I am thinking of making my own family name. Nice to have one so that all family member in the future can find each other easily. Hmm...what should it be?


  1. bapaku xda tu title.
    arwah mama pn xda...
    tp adik2 bapaku d brunei ada...


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