Clash of The Titans

When i bought the ticket of this movie, i was pretty sure that i will watch an action packed movie about someone fighting monster or war or battle everywhere. It is a clash is not it?

But when i sat inside the cinema hall, i was like ... uhh.. did i bought the wrong ticket? I am sure it was Clash of Titan and not Percy Jackson. But there it is. The serious version of percy jackson.

The main problem is, i have watched percy jackson just a month ago so when i watch this movie, i already know about everything. I know about medusa, perceus (percy), the battle between zues and hades, the way to get to underworld. Everything is similar. Not to blame anyone but as both picture based on the old greek or whatever theology, so fair enough.

The problem is, the story is to boring. 1 hour 40 minutes of them walking to find whatever they want to find and then the end with the hero win the battle as usual.

The advertisement showing the big large kraken, yes, it was amazing, the kraken was huge, fierce, damn nice computer graphic but...last only for seconds or maybe 1 minutes towards the end of the movie? What? No fighting witht he big monster? This is wrong. If you want to put a computer graphic kind of movie, you should make it 1 hour or more of the main thing. Not just a few seconds or minutes.

Overall... i don't really like this movie. The enviroment is so dry and not nice to see. Your eyes will become yellow, black and white after watching this uncolourful movie. Like eating a steak without gravy and salad. haha.

I gave 3 out of 5 star for this movie. supposed to give it 2.5 but 0.5 star only for the kraken. It was huge.

Rating : 3/5 star. No moon.


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