Digi Broadband

Before i disconnected from my digi broadband internet connection, i would like to make sure that i post this.

Digi is a liar. When i bought this broadband, they promise the 700kbs speed. I was cheated.

The problem with digi broadband is it can't connect that easily. To mention here, i have been clicking for 1 hour before i get connected and manage to post this entry. can you believe it? Then why do i supposed to pay RM58 per month for this crap?

My friend who bought the Rm88 package already terminate his digi broadband due to the same reason. No point in possessing a wireless broadband modem with clear Digi logo on it but you can't connect to the internet...

If you all want to buy broadband, i gave a damn to celcom and maxis but up to date, i heard that both of them are upgrading their broadband service while digi is downgrading with slow connection and hard to connect typical problem.

I've been complaining to digi about this problem but they seem to employ a 5th grade primary school graduate to work with them who always told me that i need to reinstall the software to remove the problem like i am a guy who just learn about computer and internet yesterday. I have been involving and updating myself with technology since more than 10 years ago.

Digi is not the best broadband and it never will if they did not do something about this problem.

Buying digi? Forget it. Go try celcom and maxis.


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