Evolusi KL Drift 2

When i woke up this morning, the first thing i saw in the TV was Datuk Yusof Haslam promoting his son's new movie, Evolusi KL Drift 2 (EKLD 2).

I am planning not to watch this movie since the first one is so damn boring. But i can tell you, their promoting skill is superb. From not wanting to watch it, i end my day today wathing it instead.

So what i feel about the movie? It was a joke. The movie is a joke. Why do they make such movie? I can tell you that it is a waste of time to see.

First, the plot, is boring, lame, illogical. Nothing make sense.

Second, the script, the dialogue, all are childish, outdated, doesn't make sense.

Third, the main actor and actress, are they new actor or actress like this is their first movie ever? So rigid. Even when they make an emotional touching scene, everyone in the cinema hall laugh out loud. Because it was stupid.

Fourth, yes there is so many gun fighting scene but the bullet is made from air i guess. No side effect that to make it look real.

So many down side of this movie.

The only good thing about it is, compare to the first one, ending is 1% better. And i want to salute the actors ( i forgot their real name), the one who became the chinese gangster in the movie. Those two guys have a bright future. Plus farid kamil, the other actor and actress is lame.

In my opinion, if they cut the main actor and actress, remove the plot where they talk about friendship and everything, just remove everything maybe, and leave only the gangster and the cops part, this movie would be better. If they do that, i can give 3 out of 5 star at least.

But now, i can only manage to give 1 out of 5 star for this movie. That 1 star is for aron aziz and the other guy who play the gangster role very well.

Rating: 1/5 star. No moon.


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