I have this one principle that i'm about to breach regarding facebook.

People has been condemning and criticizing regarding the abuse of facebook in term of accepting so many friends even though you did not know them.

Yes, i agree, why do you have to add them if you don't recognize them and never will.

However, lately, i realize that facebook is more than connecting to your friends. It is a social network, a wide social network that can be use for other means.

For example, if you are trying to spread something so that you want it to become 'pandemic', try it with your 200 friends that you know since childhood, the spreading will always circle there in a small virtual community of people you know.

What if you have 1000 friends, you know or do not know, once you need to spread something, it is there by with more probability of getting further than you expected.

haha... it is just a theory. It seem that facebook already lost its value in keeping you in touch with your old long lost friend, it is now more to become a way of getting a network from some place you never went and people you never knew. huhu... So why not?


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