I and Pad

When taking a medical history of a women, menstrual history is important.

A: Madam, how many pad do you use in one day?
Madam: Don't have one, doctor..
A: Urr...so what do you use instead?
Madam: Use only phone.
A: Err. i guess you misunderstand me, madam. I mean, how many pad do you use when you you had your period every month?
Madam: Don't have one, does not matter in period or not.
A: And why is that?
Madam: Because don't have money to buy that.
A: But it is stated here that your husband is working in government sector and no financial issue stated in your record.
Madam: Yes, but you know that thing is so expensive. Can't afford it.
A: Oh well, so what do you use then if you don't use that?
Madam: Used only phone lor. My son bought me one last year.
A: Yea? That is very nice of him. But what about pad?
Madam: Already told you, don't have money to buy that one, my husband also won't buy me want. also don't want it because would not know how to use it.
A: Err... you never use it ever?
Madam: No.
A: Do you know how much is a pad?
Madam: almost rm3000 orrr
A: Madam, can you repeat my sentence... I want to go to the toilet.
Madam: Want to go to the toilet.
A: oo


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