Ice Kacang Puppy Love

It has been quite a while since i watch a movie. So today i went i watch a movie, a malaysian movie entitled 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love'. I don't know much about the making of this movie, my friend recommend it to me so why don't give it a try.

All i know is that this movie is a Malaysian Chinese movie. Not much Malaysian Chinese movie had been made in Malaysia. Even so, not much of them get a good review. Don't say Malaysian are racist but really, a good movie does not matter whether it is chinese, malay or indian movie, if it is really good, it will always be good.

This movie proved my point.

What a great movie this is. It is a story about one group of kids, friends, or teenager, having their normal life and puppy love story back in the 1980. The story is that simple.

The strength of this movie is on the good acting skill showed by all the actor and actress. Even though many of them were not that well recognize in movie industry, but i am sure their skill already beat half of the so call established actor and actress.

Another strength is the picture, the background of 1980 and early 1990 was fantastic. The way the movie pictured the life of Malaysian is almost perfect. Everything is quite realistic. I love how they really understand and dig for the fact and research before putting something into a movie. Most of Malaysian movie are lame because they were lazy to do homework and research about something they want to put inside their movie. This movie does not.

Ever since Papadom, i never watch another great Malaysian movie until this ice kacang and puppy love. This movie deserved 4.5 star out of 5 from me.

It lack 0.5 star because sometime, i realize that it was out of focus. I don't know what which story to follow in the middle of the story. Sometime there is uneccessary scene that if left, will not effect the story line.

However, much salute and respect to this movie. I enjoy it. And whoever have not watch it, please watch it.

Rate: 4.5 out of 5 star + no moon.


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