Iran Nuclear Programme: The Truth

World Politic entry this time.

Okay, no one know the real reason and situation today, only suspicion.

Iran said that they are developing nuclear energy for civilian and not for war.

Israel said Iran is lying and plan to bomb Iran if they did not stop the program.

Haha. Forget those so called analyst. They are too complicated until they missed this one important thing. Which country is promoting war? The one who claimed to be peace or the one who plan to bomb?

I feel very funny on how adult and so call big big people in this world think.

If Iran really develop a nuclear bomb, then what will happen? Take over the world?

But what if Israel win in this situation? Well, to remind those analyst, Israel already kill 1400+ people in Gaza, no way that Israel is not a terrorist.

People might call me anti-israel or whatever, but if Iran attack other people i would also want to be call Anti-Iran. I am anti-war ultimately.


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