Permata Hijrah

1. A lot of Muslim, when we mention the term ulama, they will 100% believe whatever we said. For example, I say " I was having a headache, and one ulama said that by eating honey, it will cured". I am sure every muslim will believe it. Most of them at least. But, who are this ulama? Is he really know the fact or only randomly said whatever he want?

2. Actually, this issues came into my mind when i heard about one product call Permata Hijrah advertised in television saying that they will cure glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and every other eye disease. Plus, they mention that their product were real because it was based on years of study from ulama-ulama from Kelantan and Pattani.

3. I say what the heck is this. The product itself look weird and suspicious. I bet it is safe because it won't do any thing to you whether benefit or harm. But i am very irritated when they published it with the sound of 'islamiah', hoping that stupid muslim people would run to the shop and buy it.

I am also irritated when i wrote this that someone is saying that i am evil because i am not helping the local industry to grow. I don't give a damn about that. What is wrong is wrong, a lie still a like even you say God say it.

4. Read. Read. Read. Muslim should read. Study. And not let people fool us like we are real stupid human ever in this world. Read.

Stop with the nonsense.


  1. I agree on this 100percent.
    I've read and watch so many ads that used hadith or verse from Quran to make people attracted to it. At some point may be its good. But at some point, its look like using religion in doing business. And that point brought us to the scenario of 'taklid buta'. Believing without knowing.

  2. Yeah. i support local muslim people if they want to do business, no problem. But why they need to use islam to sell product. It just does not make sense.


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