Teaching Hospital For Universiti Malaysia Sabah

1. Hmm, this issues has been circulating recently. Well, i am not sure about the end of this battle. But i am sure that all people in Sabah want more doctors and hospital.

2. Yes, what my prof said in the last meeting with us make sense, there is no such thing as lack of Hospital in Sabah as there is multiple quite enough scale hospital around sabah, however no one running it since there has been lack of doctors in sabah for a very long long time. The issues does not seem to be solve by any ruling government in Malaysia.

3. The problem is the system itself. The way the plan are planned. Since i am in my first year of study in UMS medical school, the issues regarding not enough space to accommodate all patient in Sabah is always the main concern of the public and medical care giver. Now i am in my fifth year of study, finishing soon, there is no changes that i can see, wait, there is, the main hospital were closed because it was not safe. It was like, downgrading.

Anyway... please support it at Facebook group for this issues

4. Now i believe that some group of people are fighting to get a teaching hospital in Sabah. It was like a dream. A big dream. As we can see how federal government deal with such issue in Sabah for for ages, why should it suddenly change by only a three hundred citizen in Sabah? Does it make any changes if they did not grant the wish of Sabahan to get their own well equipped teaching hospital which can serve both to serve the community and to train medical doctors to serve for them in near future?

5. Nothing will change. Anger will be distributed but in the end after a few months, maybe, the fire will be cooled down and after a year, the government will always win the Sabah's people heart.

6. I am not anti government and i am myself not a pro-opposition. I am only a mere citizen of Malaysia. Who are living in harmony by the effort of previous leader which fight for my harmony for hundreds of years. Now, i am the product that they were fighting for and now, even a voice like me would not be hear by anyone in this country.

7. For once, i think people should think of us here in Sabah. Maybe it is far enough to see from across of southeast china sea, our suffering for years.

8. Hmm, in the end, nothing will happen. We will still be like this. There is no optimism.


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