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Teacher's Day

1. Recently we celebrated teacher's day. In my hometown Labuan, the official celebation would be held tomorrow. Well, happy teacher's day to all. Everyone is appreciating the hardwork of teachers all over the malaysia. 2. I'm thinking that there is some teacher who did not really received that much appreciation. Lecturer and Professor. When we talk about teacher, we would solely, usually, refer to teacher who teach student in primary and secondary school. But what about those in higher learning institution? 3. Once my friend ask me, let us wish our lecturer happy teacher's day, and i was err..stuck, and said " what should we say? Happy teacher's day or happy prof day or happy lecturer day?" and she said " those are teacher too, just their title is different". Well, correct. 4. This group of people never nominated for best teacher award, or whatever that equals to it even though they are one of them. I wonder why, 5. So, i believe that I shoul

AC Adapter for Acer

1. So i have this one problem with my Acer Aspire 5500 series laptop. It always turn off when i am in the middle of doing something. The reason? Vague. I don't know whether it came from the too hot CPU or it came from dysfunctional power adapter. 2. For my first theory, the cpu overheating theory. I start to think about it because since i changed my hard disk a few years ago because of overheating issues, i never heard that sound of cpu fan gush of air anymore like the first time i bough this laptop. Before, when i use my laptop for maybe 1 hour, i can hear the fan started to turn a little more loud indicating that it is trying hard to push hot air outside. Now i don't hear that one anymore. But, i do bought a external fan, the one you put beneath the laptop and it is working fine for me. Theoretically it served the same function as CPU fan, just pushing the hot air outside. Air conduction is a superior technique to remove excess heat. 3. Another theory, about the ada

Eminem Not Afraid

. 1. Thanks god that there has been a news and a date for Eminem up coming new album. I have been waiting for this album since last year relapse released. They say there will be relapse 2 so i waited patiently..and what the heck, it almost a year before it is release. 2. But never mind. I did not need to tell again about my interest in Eminem's songs. The powerful lyrics and arranged music and song make everyone listen to Hip Hop again. 3. So, now there is a new single called Not afraid and it already debut at no.1 in billboard chart. So, this is a good news for the upcoming new album called Recovery (relapse 2 name already dropped by Eminem) 4. Regarding the new single, well, it is better than any other song in relapse and i loved the bridge in this song call Not Afraid. It was so different compare to the old Eminem song style yet it have that freshness of the old time Eminem. 5. I am anticipating the Recovery album by eminem. I want to buy it as soon as possible. 6. So, let

Holiday talk

1. Wa... I am so boring for this holiday. Nothing to do at home. Just sitting around watching Thomas and Uber Cup everyday in front of the TV, if i am not online. 2. If online, i don't know what to surf anymore? Reading google news is my routine every morning, and at night, log in to my facebook and just hang around staring at status update. 3. Other than this, i have Here's Ohara book. I don't know what the book is all about. All i know it contain a lot of short story which i found so hard to understand. 4. I love cooking, so i plan to cook during my holiday session but in the end, i end up waiting for meal cook by my mother. So lazy to go to kitchen. 5. Playing my cats is a routine. Everyday i hug, play, chase them. It always fun. Sometime they made me irritated because they sometimes hate to be touch by me. 6. Oh my god, this is all i have to talk about my holiday activity. So pity. I do not know what to do anymore.

Labuan and The Water Issue

1. I am back in Labuan, and yes, the problem that started when I was 11 years old (now i am 24 years old) still there and no sign of it going to be resolved. NO WATER IN LABUAN! 2. Have you ever been studying in Labuan Matriculation college or University Malaysia Sabah cause if you do, you will experience this problem and you will know it better like us, the labuanites. If you are a tourist, then this should not be a problem as water for tourist or maybe bussiness sector, industrial area is not affected by this problem. 3. I want to tell everyone that my house has not get a single drop of water for almost a month now. Before this, we will have water (with low pressure) for maybe 2 days a week. We have 4 water tank now to make sure we keep enough water to survive. 4. Water is a basic thing for all living thing in this world. We are too living thing. In an island like this, i do not expect people to find water from underground sources, river or etc. We are surrounded by salted water,

Iron Man Second

Tonight, I am watching Iron Man 2 for the second time. The first time i did not wait until the part where they give a hint about Thor. Well, next movie should be Thor included? But i prefer Iron Man with Incredible Hulk. I believe the last time i watched Incredible Hulk 2, there was Tony Stark at the end of the film. Maybe it will be better if the two superheroes combined. I think this is it for my movie era in Kota Kinabalu. I am going back to Labuan, and maybe after 2-3 months, i will be back here in Kota Kinabalu, hopefully, to work. Maybe that time i will continue on watching every movie on the list. But it will not be the same again. Not without my girlfriend. Hmm............................................. By the way, I am 24 year old right now and I hate so much if other people are so nosy and busy body about my life as i guess, would they feel very comfortable if someone talk about their life and interfere with their life as they were 8 years old? Like " oh, 8 years ol

When In Rome

Okay. I will write a short note on my opinion about this movie. Overall, it is a watchable movie. If you don't have any more movie to watch, like me, so you could get a ticket and watch this one. And make sure you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend with you because if you did not, you will look so pathetic and desperate. This movie is enjoyable, however, toward the middle part of the story, it became a little confusing and childish. From a valentine movie, it turn to become a disney movie for 4 years old girls. However, still it has its own attraction such as comedy, more comedy, comedy again and some fantasy. I don't really like the movie but i enjoy it. The plot was a little poor, the original idea seem not really original, the character is unclear, and sometimes it is hard to get the jokes. I gave 3 out of 5 stars for this movie. Most of the stars are given due to fun comedy and jokes, cute heroin ( i mean cute like a child, she is not supposed to take the character

Movies Review (April 2010)

I love mixed Movie review. haha. I've been watching many movies ever since i pass the professional exam. I am very glad and so exciting. For the first time i watched movies without thinking of book and patient. Huhu. So, this is all the movie i have for the last one week. 1. Iron Man 2 I am going to start with this one. I must start with this one. This is a very nice and fine movie to watch and it is worth it. Ever since avatar released, we don't see much action pack movie that make our adrenal gland secrete a lot of adrenaline for almost 2 hours. The plot was strong and the action was smooth. Too nice to describe. Plus, I love the character, a superhero which is not hiding his identity and he was also a bad ass cool guy. Same as the first movie, there is nothing additional regarding the iron suit, no super duper extra weapon but still, i love it. Simple, tight, and so cool. I really recommend this movie to everyone who love non stop action, bomb, technology and pretty gi