AC Adapter for Acer

1. So i have this one problem with my Acer Aspire 5500 series laptop. It always turn off when i am in the middle of doing something. The reason? Vague. I don't know whether it came from the too hot CPU or it came from dysfunctional power adapter.

2. For my first theory, the cpu overheating theory. I start to think about it because since i changed my hard disk a few years ago because of overheating issues, i never heard that sound of cpu fan gush of air anymore like the first time i bough this laptop. Before, when i use my laptop for maybe 1 hour, i can hear the fan started to turn a little more loud indicating that it is trying hard to push hot air outside. Now i don't hear that one anymore. But, i do bought a external fan, the one you put beneath the laptop and it is working fine for me. Theoretically it served the same function as CPU fan, just pushing the hot air outside. Air conduction is a superior technique to remove excess heat.

3. Another theory, about the adapter. This theory came into my mind since when i touch or mobilize the adapter too much when the computer is on, it do turn off automatically without warning. So i guess something is wrong with the adapter. And, i have one battery that is no longer usable for a very long period of time but when i try to use it now, it seem that i could not recharge the battery anymore using my ac adapter. Maybe the battery problem, or maybe the ac adapter.

4. So the issues now is, should i change my ac adapter or not?

5. In term of changing the new adapter, there is two option, buying the original or non-original adapter or they call it compatible adapter that can be used for multiple laptop. The original one cost RM130 + shipping (rm15) so RM145-RM150 average. The compatible one only cost RM 80 plus shipping, the average is rm100. can save RM50 if we buy the compatible one. The problem is, many of my colleagues and friends who bought the recon one seem to be not satisfy with it. Even most of them claimed that the compatible adapter explode after a period of time usage. So scary as it sound. So the only option now is to buy the original one.

6. And the last issue is, i have no money. So it is pointless to even think of choosing which one to replace or buy. Hahahaha. Maybe after i get my work and salary, i would buy a new laptop instead.


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