Eminem Not Afraid

. 1. Thanks god that there has been a news and a date for Eminem up coming new album. I have been waiting for this album since last year relapse released. They say there will be relapse 2 so i waited patiently..and what the heck, it almost a year before it is release.

2. But never mind. I did not need to tell again about my interest in Eminem's songs. The powerful lyrics and arranged music and song make everyone listen to Hip Hop again.

3. So, now there is a new single called Not afraid and it already debut at no.1 in billboard chart. So, this is a good news for the upcoming new album called Recovery (relapse 2 name already dropped by Eminem)

4. Regarding the new single, well, it is better than any other song in relapse and i loved the bridge in this song call Not Afraid. It was so different compare to the old Eminem song style yet it have that freshness of the old time Eminem.

5. I am anticipating the Recovery album by eminem. I want to buy it as soon as possible.

6. So, let us all wait for the album. June will be the released date for this album. Hoping it comes better than relapse.


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