Holiday talk

1. Wa... I am so boring for this holiday. Nothing to do at home. Just sitting around watching Thomas and Uber Cup everyday in front of the TV, if i am not online.

2. If online, i don't know what to surf anymore? Reading google news is my routine every morning, and at night, log in to my facebook and just hang around staring at status update.

3. Other than this, i have Here's Ohara book. I don't know what the book is all about. All i know it contain a lot of short story which i found so hard to understand.

4. I love cooking, so i plan to cook during my holiday session but in the end, i end up waiting for meal cook by my mother. So lazy to go to kitchen.

5. Playing my cats is a routine. Everyday i hug, play, chase them. It always fun. Sometime they made me irritated because they sometimes hate to be touch by me.

6. Oh my god, this is all i have to talk about my holiday activity. So pity. I do not know what to do anymore.


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