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Movies Review (April 2010)

I love mixed Movie review. haha. I've been watching many movies ever since i pass the professional exam. I am very glad and so exciting. For the first time i watched movies without thinking of book and patient. Huhu.

So, this is all the movie i have for the last one week.

1. Iron Man 2

I am going to start with this one. I must start with this one. This is a very nice and fine movie to watch and it is worth it. Ever since avatar released, we don't see much action pack movie that make our adrenal gland secrete a lot of adrenaline for almost 2 hours. The plot was strong and the action was smooth. Too nice to describe. Plus, I love the character, a superhero which is not hiding his identity and he was also a bad ass cool guy.

Same as the first movie, there is nothing additional regarding the iron suit, no super duper extra weapon but still, i love it. Simple, tight, and so cool.

I really recommend this movie to everyone who love non stop action, bomb, technology and pretty girl.

The only down side of this movie is regarding some plot of the story is hard to grasp. Maybe we should read the comic. I still don't really understand for whom Natalie work for? What is S.H.I.E.L.D? In the end, we know that this a secret organization or whatever, still the movie did not introduce this quite nicely. Too quick i guess.

Another thing is, the ending was so quick. Only one boom defeat the villain. No. We want more than that.

Anyway, what a great movie this is. I gave 4.5 over 5 for this movie. 2 moon for the pretty and sexy girl (Scarlet).

Rate: 4.5 out of 5 star + 2 moon.
2. Kick-Ass

This is a movie that maybe a lot of people don't want to watch because of the ugly poster and lousy title.

However, you would be surprise as this movie is comparable to iron man and it is totally better than Ip Man. Even though this movie start like a movie for kids, but as the story expand, it became more sophisticated and in the end, you feel like you want to jump from your seat and fight with them.

Who make this movie anyway? I am too lazy to google for it. The movie is so nice and full of action and also laughter. I almost rate this movie 5 over 5 immediately after i watch it but due to consideration and further post mortem ( sitting in my bed thinking about the movie again), i gave this 4.5.

The downside of this movie is the costume and the name of the super hero is sure ugly.

Anyway, this movie is a must watch movie. If your friends said to you that this movie could be bad or whatever, tell them to watch it first.

p/s: Not recommended for small children and girl who hate violence. The violence in this movie is comparable to Kill Bill.

Rate: 4.5 our of 5 star + 3 moon ( one for Hit girl, one for Nicholas cage for outstanding performance, and the last one for Kick-Ass himself). Iron man lost i guess here.

3. Ip Man 2

This is what happen if you want to make a sequel so much without thinking of a good plot for it. This is exactly what happen.

Do you still remember Ip Man (the first movie) last year. I have shortness of breath watching the first movie as it was the best ever martial movie i ever watch. Until then, no other martial art movie able to conquer my heart.

When i heard Ip Man 2, my Shortness of breath start again. However, i end up having a lot of disappointment watching the sequel. It was so lame.

First thing is, the storyline was boring. In the the early part, it describe about how Ip Man trying to build a martial art school and he had to fight all the master in Hong kong before he was able to open one. That was a good start. However, in the middle of the story, the plot change. Now the story is about how Chinese is being humiliated by westerner and by the end of the movie, the chinese show how they can defeat the westerner then Ip Man began to gave a speech. What the heck?

It was like, i am watching 'Fearless' (Jet Li Movie released a few years ago) again... am i? One Fearless is enough. Too much exaggeration.

So, to my disappointment, i have to gave 2.5 out of 5 star for this movie. I gave 2.5 only for the fighting scene even though some of it are too illogical and obviously there is a string attach behind the actor so that they can fly. Lame.

Rate: 2.5 our of 5 star

4. The Losers

One of my friend recommend me to watch this movie.

It was boring. Nothing else can describe it. Okay, fine, there is some shooting and punching and blowing stuff. Still, boring.

If you like to watch macho guy, sexy guy, and if you are gay enough to watch them walking and shooting in slow motion, this is one movie for you.

Hundred army shooting to the hero, the hero did not die or even had a scratch, but one bullet from the hero, kill all hundred guy. Do you enjoy thing like that? If you do, then go and watch this movie. For me, i don't. So i really don't like the movie. The plot is somehow clear enough but the progress is so unnecessary. A lot of scene is also unnecessary. What is the use of sex scene in a action shooting bomb bomb movie? A lot of empty script. A lot of lame talking. A lot of crappy jokes. This is such a waste of time to watch.

Rate: 1 out of 5 star.
5. Shutter Island

I remember one of my teacher years ago said that he loved Leonardo Di Caprio because all of his movie is two thumb up. Maybe he is right.

Shutter island is a unique movie for those who love a twisted unsuspected kind of movie. I really don't know how the end start and i really don't expect it would end like that. You would be surprise by this movie. Can't describe furthermore because it would not be a surprise if i do.

The acting in this movie is superb. Everyone is a good actor. This movie should be nominated for an award i guess.

For the ending of this movie, you need to use some of your brain cortex i thing to think a little. Not an easy movie to watch. If you are dull enough to use your brain, better not watch this movie, but if you do use a little effort, this movie will be one of the most enjoyable movie ever.

P/s: Is it a ghost movie? Or is it about murder? You would not know if no one tell you before this.

Rate: 4 out of 5 star + 3 moon ( One moon for Leonardo, second one for Ben Kingley, and the third one for the super twist of the plot)

6. Hooperz


This is another local movie i watch after ice kacang puppy love.

My impression...bad..bad..

The plot was all over the place, there is no consistent plot. The main role, disappear in the middle of the story, seem to be gulped by the poorly arranged plot. This movie is about netball but i don't see a good netball game in this movie.

The role of adibah noor as the second coach expected to be more motivational and inspiring but none has been highlighted here.

No good script and many dialog are unclear and cannot be heard. Like they are speaking in some foreign language i could not understand.

The acting performance was so minimal. Like no effort has been given to make this movie more interesting, or the actress or actor just don't know how to act.

I am sorry, maybe i am too much criticizing this movie. But seriously, i am a supporter for Malaysian Movie and if they keep disappointing me like this, and every time i had to pay for their garbage movie, then where is my right as a customer that pay them my money which is so hard for me to get?

I ask my companion after the movie, " Did they really sit and think about the story of the movie? Or they just have a ring-a-bell and then lets make a movie about netball and start grabing camera and actress and shoot?"

I don't know. But i hate the movie and i hope, if they want to make a sequence or whatever, they can improve and maybe i would write something good about it.

Rate: 4 moon. No star should be given.


  1. watched iron man just now. too much dialogue. didn't like it.

    but scarlet johansen sangatla hot!!!


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