Shooting Incident

1. I was afraid of the mentality of Malaysian nowadays. I was afraid and surprise reading the today's news when there is a pile of letters and article published blaming the late 15 years old Amirulrasyid is the one guilty in the shooting incident.

2. Firstly, i was disappointed on how they think about this matter. Blaming the dead? They are just rationalizing by trying not to look at the whole problem itself. Blaming the parent? Why did you not just blame everything on parent when our generation are becoming stupid nowadays?

3. We are not saying that the cops is the one to be blame. The one to be blame is the system. We should look at the whole system, how spesific cases are being handle, which person to be shoot, and which person deserved to die. The whole system.

4. But the most important thing is not to blame the parent or the minor himself. Cops does not have the right to kill a minor just because he drive at night and get panic. Do we not understand the mentality of a underage people? Do we born adult?

5. For me, i am very symphaty and emphaty to the family of late amirulrasyid. Yes that boy should not drive at the middle of the night, but do that boy deserved to die. And it was not just a mere accident.

6. So for now, let us not blame the cops, let us not (importantly) blame the side who are now in grief. Are we not human?


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