Teacher's Day

1. Recently we celebrated teacher's day. In my hometown Labuan, the official celebation would be held tomorrow. Well, happy teacher's day to all. Everyone is appreciating the hardwork of teachers all over the malaysia.

2. I'm thinking that there is some teacher who did not really received that much appreciation. Lecturer and Professor. When we talk about teacher, we would solely, usually, refer to teacher who teach student in primary and secondary school. But what about those in higher learning institution?

3. Once my friend ask me, let us wish our lecturer happy teacher's day, and i was err..stuck, and said " what should we say? Happy teacher's day or happy prof day or happy lecturer day?" and she said " those are teacher too, just their title is different". Well, correct.

4. This group of people never nominated for best teacher award, or whatever that equals to it even though they are one of them. I wonder why,

5. So, i believe that I should say Happy Teacher day to all my beloved lecturer and professor, doctors and senior who teach me along my 5 years medical study. I would like to give them the best teacher award, to everyone of them who best teach me within this five year of study.

6. I guess, later, people would realize this group of people put the same effort in teaching young graduates, not only they need to teach from 8am to 5 pm but they also need to do their research, work and in my case in medical field, they also need to treat people. Well done to them.

' We need to do multiple jobs at one time, we are doctors, we are examiners, we are teachers, and we are researchers.' - one of my prof use to say this.


  1. aku wish smua termasuk pensyrah.

    'Teacher'tu kn term only...

  2. if people can understand that it is only a term but now it is more like a career on its own.

    By time, people will forgot those group that i mention in the post.


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