When In Rome

Okay. I will write a short note on my opinion about this movie. Overall, it is a watchable movie. If you don't have any more movie to watch, like me, so you could get a ticket and watch this one. And make sure you brought your girlfriend or boyfriend with you because if you did not, you will look so pathetic and desperate.

This movie is enjoyable, however, toward the middle part of the story, it became a little confusing and childish. From a valentine movie, it turn to become a disney movie for 4 years old girls.

However, still it has its own attraction such as comedy, more comedy, comedy again and some fantasy.

I don't really like the movie but i enjoy it. The plot was a little poor, the original idea seem not really original, the character is unclear, and sometimes it is hard to get the jokes.

I gave 3 out of 5 stars for this movie. Most of the stars are given due to fun comedy and jokes, cute heroin ( i mean cute like a child, she is not supposed to take the character of an independent women because she look so young and child face).

Other than that, there is nothing much about this movie. Just a movie about a lonely girl, found some magic and change her life forever, and end with an happy ending. What more do you want?


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