5 years blogging

1. It has been 5 years + since i start writing a blog. 10th of February 2006 is my first time writing in a blog and now almost 5 years, i still do.

2. No reason for me to keep my blog alive because i am not chasing for publicity, money, fame, or anything else. I just keep it because of my passion on writing and sharing something with everyone. Although, i will not share more than what i should, and most of my entry is not about my personal life but more on to my personal opinion.

3. I want to make this blog simple, for everyone to look at it, and read it if they want and just that. In my opinion, a rubbish talk i put in my blog could be informative for anyone else. So why not. I myself always searching for a blog for any new update and something that cannot be provided by the any web site. For example, if you want to know about the best place to eat or visit, stop googling into the tourism web site and etc (you can, and you should), but try searching in blogsearch or any blog search engine because here you can read the real opinion. Do you realize when you search for a place to stay in KK, a hotel maybe, every web site gave you those expensive and luxurious place to stay and where you get there, you are kind of disappointed for the poor space and services. If you search into blogs, you will find a place to stay that is cheap, comfortable, and have easy access to everywhere around the city.

4. So, the power of blog as mention by our former prime minister Tun Dr.Mahathir, could not be underestimated. Everyone in public will start to turn their face to the blog site if they find something curious about something in the mass media. So if the tv start saying that wind blow from the west, 1 blogger say it blow from the east, and it was supported by 2-3 comments, then the wind will blow from the east eventually.

5. The most interesting thing about blog is, there is no boundary of it. It is finite but have no boundary. Like Stephen Hawking theory. Haha. You can write and say whatever you want but BEWARE, people kind of start to scare about this and start capturing people because of what they say in their blog. And that is another proof of the power of blog. I stand firm saying that blog should have no boundary because as you can see, the more people writing blogs, the more educated the public are. Even a mak cik in pasar can say that blog content is not true meaning that public is well educated about blog. How about you?

6. In the end, the post should be about me writing for 5 years. talking rubbish and most of my posts were wasting time to read, but i still writing, and will keep writing until one particular time, in the future, where my heart say "that's it, i had enough".... that would be the end of this blog.... or... they end it before me.


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