Isreal the real living demon

1. I am not referring to all jews cause obviously if you practice true religion, you will not do such thing as israel do. I am very sure that Isreal is doing something wrong since years ago when America and europe won't recongnize every evil deed that this country has performed.

2. Now with the new update that Isreal attack a humanitarian vessels sending supply to gaza, it should open human eyes all over the world towards this matter. What dictionary did they use if they did not define this as terrorism itself perform by israel. Terrorism is not a big word nowadays and Israel should not be exempted from the use of it.

3. Israel as obvious with other media propaganda from the west obviously, with their usual first step toward defending their own kind terrorism, said that the activist in the vessels attack them first... What a propaganda. It is like a child who do not want to first admit his own fault but try to blame other first. A very great defense mechanism.

4. People all over the world, no matter what your religion are, muslim, christian, jew, buddhist, hindus, atheist, all of them should criticize what Israel had done. Not just preventing the humanitarian supply from reaching Gaza, they even killed unarmed people. A people who obviously, if they are aggresive, want to express their concern to the dying people in Gaza.

5. Why are they so blind?

6. Why are we so blind to see? No, they were. I am not.


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