Labuan Fever

1. Labuan is a very hot island. Everyone that has been to labuan know about this. If you never been to labuan, you can try once. If you hate dark skin, labuan is not a place for you.

2. In other places (most of them), when you are not exposed directly to the sunlight, you will not get a darker skin but here in Labuan, even you stay at home or under the shed, you will still become darker. Just with the indirect sunlight, you will feel how hot this island is. If you exposed yourself directly under the sunlight, you will get sun burn. Surely.

3. Inside my house now, the temperature is 36 degree celcius. It is almost equal to your core body temperature. I doubt the temperature outside the house under the sunlight is lower than this.

4. Why is it so hot nowadays? Is Global Warming real? Can we do something about it?

5. The only way to avoid this hot condition is to use air-cond. The environmental friendly aircond of course. That is why almost every household in labuan have at least one aircond in their home. For those who does not have one, they need to endure the hot climate here. Most of Labuanite also build their home from stone and brick rather than wood because during day time, house made of rock is much cooler than wood but during night time, it is vice versa.

6. Oh, i miss the time when Labuan is much cooler than now. The time when i can walk under the sunlight to school or play foot ball or do recreational activity at 4 PM. Now you can't go out at 4PM, you need to wait until 5PM ( the time when the temperature start to cool down). And oh i miss my blanket. Long time ago, every night i will sleep under my blanket but now, bye bye blanket, i do not need you anymore.

Another problem came with the hot temperature....mosquito. A lot of dengue cases reported here in Labuan today.


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