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LABUAN- Just yesterday i went to Klinik Kesihatan Labuan and was disappointed by them regarding my medical check up form. I received letter from SPA a day before that and there is medical check up form inside. So as other people would normally did, i went to Klinik Kesihatan to do that medical check up.

When i went to Klinik Kesihatan Labuan, i have to take number and wait for my turn. After that, my number was called and i went to the counter and tell them my intention to get a medical check up for SPA. They said " you cannot do this med check up not until you receive letter that tell you where you will be working later. If we do this check up, we need about 2-3 weeks to process and if you are posted to other state then it will be difficult. You can do it in the state where you are posted later."

I was like...confused. Then what should i do? They asked me to meet their superior and the same thing was said by their superior.

I asked him " What if i was called to report my self next week or the week after and my medical check up form was not completed yet?"

Then they replied " Never mind, you can do it later after u report urself. Does not matter. They will understand."

I was like...stunned. So i do not need to complete this? But my other friend, some of them, already completed their form and be ready for everything.

After a few hours of waiting and thinking, i then choose an optional method. Doing it in private sector.

When i first step into the private clinic asking about my medical check up, i asked " I want to do medical check up, how long will it take to complete it?"

They replied, " oh, will finish today also, take around 30 minutes for x-ray, urine drugs, and everything else."

Haha. So i did my medical check up in private clinic. easy, with money.

Today, another thing happen when i woke up from my dream in the morning. There are 5 sms in my inbox from my gf pika, my ex roomate nadrin, and my sifu sylves telling me that induction letter was out. I thought it will take 1 week for us to prepare but what the heck, we have to go next monday. 4 days from now and i haven't received my letter. What the heck.

My life start a little chaotic today. I hate it.


  1. wow! going to work already?? same here tpi sangat la weird tu hospital labuan~ haha spatotnya bole jak wat n you could just wait for the check up's result to come out while waiting for the posting letter.. Sometimes I just can't understand absird system~ huhuhu

    btw aku dgr ada certain tempat x trima private nya med cek up.. but I'm not sure of that also hehe

  2. SPA said private also can so does not matter. huhhu...


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