Roti canai

1. What is the most common breakfast in Malaysia? None other than Roti Canai with a glass of sweet Teh Tarik.

2. It does not matter which state you came from, when ask about it, everyone seem to be familiar with it. Another interesting fact about it is that everyone seem to have this roti canai outside. Rarely you heard that someone is enjoying homemade roti canai or eat roti canai at home. Everyone must eat it outside.

3. I am not sure but they said that this delicacies originated from India, brought by Indian immigrant to Malaysia but it seem that we cannot find this food in India. It can be only enjoyed here in Malaysia and Singapore i think and Brunei also. Thus, this is Malaysian food. Now it made not only by indian but also malay, chinese and of you are in Sabah, it was made by 30+ different tribe here in malaysia and even non-malaysian in Sabah (illegal immigrant) can made this simple and delicious breakfast.

4. This roti canai is similar to roti paratha i think because if you found frozen paratha in supermarket and then you heat it at home, it taste the same. But don't bother going out from your house in the morning to buy this roti canai, it was worth.

5. Actually, i post this Roti canai picture in this post not because of its history or its taste, but the picture i posted hear is taken exactly on the day when they announce our professional exam. The biggest exam so far in my life. I remember going to BTC cafe just beside the hospital to eat breakfast with my girlfriend just after a brief talk by our external examiner from Singapore.

6. To tell you the truth, it was the worse taste of Roti canai (even though it was actually really really nice crispy and the curry is perfect with chutney on the top of my roti make me want to have second) because i really nervous, afraid and feel like i want to die at that time. I have palpitation since the morning i woke up from my non-dreamy sleep. I was afraid. Really afraid.

However, in the end, everything goes well. I passed my exam. I am qualify to become a house officer but still not working now because of some problem with my registration (and all my other friends too).

In the end, i miss that morning eating with my pika. We don't have a lot of chances to eat breakfast together in Hospital because we usually posted in different hospital during my 5th year of study.


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