Stop HIV

And the number is increasing every year. 87000 in 27 years. IF we did not open our mind to stop this, there will be much more HIV infection later in the future. \

I believe that the number will be higher. There will be more than 128 000, if we did not do anything about it. Thus we determine the future. We determine the figure.
Every life is precious to us and we don't want any more people die because of this disease. It is a preventable disease. It can be stopped.
There could be people with HIV all around you, you should protect yourselves, you should increase awareness of the people around you, live a healthy life, can tested.

Young people is affected more thus education is the most single important thing to prevent the spread of the disease.

Aids did not kill own its own, it's weaken our immune system or body defense system against other infection making you cannot fight any infection own your own. Even a non life threatening infection can be deadly in AIDS patient.

The one who suffer the most is the children. Imagine you are born with the virus, you did not do anything wrong but you still suffer the rest of your life.
10 people everyday infected by HIV in Malaysia.

Yeah, it is cool to protect yourself. But if you have AIDS, it would be a different thing. You have to take medication everyday, a small infection can kill you, and your quality of life will reduce. Prevention is better than cure.

This is a single message that most people don't want to accept. They would always say that their culture and religion and tradition is enough to prevent this disease. I remember my professor once said that 'It is all rubbish! No matter what religion are you, what belief you hold within you, you could not prevent HIV with it. The only single method that is proved to prevent it is condoms. And if you think abstinence is your choice, it would not be wrong to bring a condom with you because it is not a crime". Our professor always said that everyone should not look at this issues as a taboo. If we still think it as a taboo, look at the statistic. 87000 people with HIV, 13000 people die? Do our religion and belief halt so that the number increase?

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