Swarm of Bee in World Cup

1. I've been wondering since the 2010 World Cup started a few days ago, what is that buzzing sound? It sound like a swarm of bee that live under our home sink in the kitchen.

2. My mother always complaining about the sound and told us to lower down the volume so that the buzzing sound cannot be heard, but of course, we can't hear anything in the TV if we lower down the volume so that the buzzing sound disappear.

3. . So i had enough of wondering today so i look in the internet and i found out that the buzzing sound was produce by an instrument called Vuvuzela.

4. Oh, ouch, i thought that sound is produce by a swarm of bee. My father (on the first day of World Cup 2010) said that the sound was intentionally created as a theme for this year world cup. I guess it is not since lot of people are protesting about the sound, most of them who are in South Africa right now.

5. Imagine you are in that stadium with that loud buzzing sound...oh you will become deaf in a month.

6. Vuvuzela, vuvuzela. watching football is now different because of you.

A Vuvuzela. Picture taken from Wikipedia.org


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